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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Car Stories and Bumper Stickers!

If you have been reading along with me, and I appreciate every single one of you, my sophomore book is about car stories. I've been zooming along with collecting them, curating them and going through my outline of stuff I want to include. 

My other goal is to write a book about something fun and uplifting to bring a smile, if not a laugh out loud. I think there will be both.

The last couple of days I've been writing about bumper stickers, magnets and window decals. I'm flushing (fleshing?) out a few things. It's raw, but worthy I'm suspecting.

Here is a peek at what I've been working on: 

Bumper stickers et al are a way to tell the world who you are, where you go to high school or college, how many miles you run (26.2 or 13.1 or 0.0), if you have a baby on board, what beach you go to (OCMD anyone? - meaning Ocean City, Maryland), your political party and a whole host of other information. When the kids were in college, of course, we had the obligatory stickers/magnets of that university to show that pride. My son’s car is loaded all kinds of stickers and magnets with mostly his favorite sports teams and a few more random ones for good measure.
Advertising for a business placed on the door panels seems wise. I’ve gotten a few handymen and landscaping guys that way.
Magnets (vinyl they say is best) are easy to move around the vehicle should one go that route in “advertising.” However, very hot days that turn into weeks can certainly melt those magnets onto the metal they are attached too. They are a bugger to get off the car. I wonder how magnets fare out in extremely hot temperatures like in Phoenix, AZ or in Dubai. It can’t be good.
I’ve never seen a bumper sticker on a Rolls-Royce, but I don’t see too many of them on the roads (if I do, in Washington, DC), just saying.

In the US, a bumper sticker may count as free speech and anyone asking you to remove it (from an employer, perhaps), maybe a violation of your rights.
Beep Beep!
A pet sitter magnet...and license plate holder found on a local vehicle! 

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