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Since January 1, 2012, my goal is to write a daily sentence or two (or paragraph or two) about gratitude of the day and to include one photo (at least) that I took that day (but will add others from time to time). It has definitely been a challenge most days throughout the past eight years, and welcomed the challenge again this year - 2020 - Covid and all. I hope you will continue the ride with me!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Our Obligation

According to the Stoic, Marcus Aurelius, from Meditations, 11.5 - "What is your vocation? To be a good person."

The Stoics believed that our job on earth is to be a good human being, and as we all know, goodness wins over evil - every. single. time.



Saturday, May 30, 2020

Aldi's Pretty Flowers

It's been just about two months since I visited my local Aldi's (a new one built less than six months ago) on a cool March day. No outside flowers were visible, and I never thought about whether the store would be planting any for the season, let alone in the parking areas.

So when I went a day or so ago, I could not help the glee on my face when I pulled in and witnessed the beauty surrounding the Aldi parking lot; flowers in full bloom and magnified colors of reds and purples in a large swathe. It totally blew me away in seeing the beauty of the flowers, as I never expected it, and certainly not in an asphalt parking lot. Let me say, I was not the only one taking a few photos of the "flower oasis."



Friday, May 29, 2020

Hornet's Nest in Rear View Mirror?

While doing some errands a few weeks ago, with son Ryan driving, we both noticed an hornet "admiring" itself on the driver's side rear view mirror. We did not think much of it, as we were stopped at a light, but the thing kept hanging around. Due to the long wait time on this particular light, I had plenty of time to take a photo of it. Once the car moved again, it disappeared very quickly, but not blown or flown away, it went behind the mirror, much to our surprise. Can a hornet build a nest behind the mirror(s)?

Fast forward to this week, and sure enough, another hornet was "admiring" itself in the same mirror even though we were several miles from home (and not near the other location), but the thing did the same exact thing (going behind mirror once car started moving). Do hornets let "outsider hornets" into an "already" built nest? Can we get rid of these pests...or pets in vehicle mirrors? So strange, don't you think?




Thursday, May 28, 2020

Back Office is Done!

We boxed up the 50,000 photos (will work on those later...), the 20 years of sports and entertainment paraphernalia, and anything else that needed to be out of the room, 'er, thrown out, that is. It's amazing how much work goes into redoing a room, or really, most anything as we can all attest to. It's always more time...and in our case, more paint. It started with son Ryan asking if I could touch up a small spot on the wall...well, we all know how that turned out, the entire room was repainted; trim and all, much to his delight.

But, let's be honest, the work was worth the effort in seeing the smile on Ryan's face when walls were painted, the new floors were installed, and a fresh start on a room that he spends most of his time in (including his office desk for now) has begun. A new era for our "back office."



Photos of the "new" room and Ryan's joy of it finally done (he's been asking since January for us to work on it...)

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day 2020

I guess no one would have thought that the "kick off" of summer would be met with "restrictions" due to "the C-virus" and all that encompasses with our present world. However, the sentiment of thanking our military service people, from all who died in battle to the men and women who returned home from battle, has to be a top priority in celebrating today. Our US Armed Forces are the best in the world, and I/we THANK YOU for your service and dedication in protecting our shores from sea to shining sea.

My below photo is a tablecloth that looks kind of like a flag in commemoration of today, and the game we are playing is Quiddler!



PS, "The Best Daughter" was the big winner today with Caroline Verrecchia (she's on the right checking the dictionary and playing in her very first game) a close second place. Thanks to Ryan's smokin' BBQ chicken and mac&cheese on the Traeger Grill! Everything was sew delicious...

Lizdot and The Best Daughter showing off their best corn hole skills

Sunday, May 24, 2020

2020 Graduation - COVID-19 Style for Brandon Stephenson!

I would like to take this moment to shout out and CONGRATULATE all 2020 high school and college graduates this season. It has not been an easy go for anyone, and certainly not for all the anticipating graduates this year. Parents and friends had to be nimble and creative, if not down right clever, to make their graduates feel special and recognized on a whole new level.

Today, we went to a graduation parade for Stevenson University graduate, Brandon Stephenson. His Mom, Leslie, the consummate party planner, and Dad, Reggie, who lovingly goes along with the consummate party planner, really did it up for Brandon in a big way! They had a parade of many cars honking and yelling out congratulations to Brandon while he stood in his front yard, with a mask, and cap and gown, of course, waving and thanking all those folks who came out to see him in all his finery. We were thrilled to be a part of a new kind of social distancing celebration; but everyone's sentiments remain the same - a hearty congratulations and a job well done by Brandon!

BSoleille! The bright side of a well-deserved "party" for college graduate Brandon Stephenson from Stevenson University!


Photo below; Leslie and Brandon!

The "swag" Mom Leslie gave to all the car horn honkers!

Friday, May 22, 2020

#CelebratingOthers with Morgantown, WVA HS Class of 1980 - Mark Neal!

Mark Neal, born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, is one of the nicest guys I know. He is married to my good friend, Laura Murphy, and my hubby and I met him in Chicago while he was dating Laura back in the late 80's. I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on this awesome guy, dad, friend, husband and baby brother of eight!

This talented runner, was born to Dorothy (Librarian/Homemaker) and Oliver "Peck" Neal (Professor of Agriculture/Horticulture at WVA), 15 days after I was born in November of 1961. He self proclaimed that he was just a "little spoiled" due to his birth order; each child named with a biblical name that is parents initially did not realize with the first few kids. They are: James, Andrew, Peter, John, Sarah, Rachel, Ruth, and Mark. They continued the tradition...

I loved the fact that Mark revealed that he had 5 "dads" growing up because of the birth order which included four boys first, then three girls, and then Mark. He rattled each of their names so fast (apparently a sibling competition on who can say all eight names the quickest), but then slowed down enough for me to write them all down, in order. Each of the "4 Sibling Dads" taught Mark something, which he holds dear to this day. Brother #1 taught Mark to play table tennis (Mark is a fierce competitor even today); Brother #2 taught Mark the value of the outdoors (fishing/horseback riding); Brother #3 taught Mark to help others because this bro was always in training to be a Dad; and Brother #4 taught Mark the finer points of Art and all that it encompasses. Unfortunately, Brother #3, Peter, passed away in 2014 from cancer, and both parents are also deceased. 

Mark admitted that he had a very nice childhood, and attended the Morgantown Public Schools graduating in 1980 from Morgantown High School. He was also a competitive runner in the state of West Virginia, and competed in track and cross-country with accolades in track (2nd in the mile at the 1980 state meet and 4th in the state cross country final the fall of 1983). 

He continued his education at West Virginia University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1984. Again, Mark's diligence in running gained him a partial scholarship all four years to run on the CC and Track Teams, with a berth to the CC Division 1 Nationals in 1983 - a highlight of his college career, and rightfully so!

In the fall of 1984, Mark continued his love of engineering and physics by going to graduate school at Northwestern in Chicago, IL. He earned his Masters Degree in 1987 in TAM, on his way earning his PhD in TAM, or Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, possibly better known as computational mechanics, graduating in 1989. He mentioned he loved going to school in Chicago because, not only did he have a sister living there at the time, it was such a different environment than he was used to in West Virginia. 

Through all his graduate studies, he still found time to have fun (and run), especially in the fall of 1986 when he went to a party and met his future wife, Laura! They dated the rest of Mark's time in Chicago, and then moved to Rochester, Michigan, when Mark took his "first job" out of college in 1989 to work for General Motors, Inc., and stayed for the next 30 years, retiring in 2019 (where did those 30 years go, Mark...Laura?)

Mark enjoyed many aspects of his job while at GM, and did mostly computer simulations of vehicle crashes to help keep us all safe when operating any motor vehicle. His full career also included; occupant and pedestrian safety; simulation of vehicle crashes and deformation of a vehicle (think: seat belts, airbags and how it affects crashes). The last seven or eight years at GM, Mark worked in the "human" model simulators and crashworthiness, which he stated was very interesting and no two days were alike. In addition to the advances of crash testing, Mark enjoyed collaborating with people all over the world working with simulation and all that it entails regarding any type of crash (as we can see, a lot!)

This ultimate family man married his sweetheart, Laura, on July 27, 1991, in Rochester, MI. Their two children (twins); Abbey and Casey were born in October of 1997. Life has certainly been busy for Mark, who leans towards his favorite color blue, but happened to initially state his favorite color changes every day. That's a new one for me...but I love all the colors too!

And when I asked Mark what his favorite gift he ever received, he told me a story that I will never forget, and I hope my readers won't either: It goes like this - While still in college, his mom gave him a little bookcase filled with paperback books for Christmas that year. At first Mark thought the gift was kind of "old-fashioned." He was convinced, initially, that he would never read any of them. But remember Mark's mom was a librarian? She also had her Masters in Library Science, so, of course, this woman was very well read. This "old-fashioned" bookcase, in fact, housed her favorite books from the 1940's and 1950's. Then one day, Mark picked up a book from the bookcase, opened the first page and indulged himself to read it and finish it and the lightbulb went off. She carefully selected each and every book that were her favorites, thinking, but then knowing, that her youngest son would obtain great value in reading them...if he ever cracked one open. Not only did he crack that first one open, he went on to read every volume in the bookcase, much to his delight. He said it was the greatest gift ever, and I agree! (He did eventually tell his mom too that it was the greatest gift!)

Now, if you are wondering on some of the titles, here are Mark's fav's: All the Kings Men, A Bell for Adona and Ferrel Sams. Mark's mom certainly knew her literature!

Mark, ever the sportsman, continues to run, swim (he's a certified lifeguard!) and bike when he can safely do so. He also plays a mean game of table tennis (rated 1800+), and parlays his superpower of being a course measurer; measuring running and triathlon courses all over the USA.  His best 10K is 29:40 (split from a longer race) and 30:40 in a road race. His best 1500M is 3:49.78, indoors his sophomore year.

I'd love to end Mark's post that sums up Mark to eloquently in his favorite quote: 
"An optimist believes he lives in the best of all possible worlds; and a pessimist fears this is true."

BSoleille! The bright side of #CelebratingOthers with Mark Neal! Cheers to you and your family!


Photos below from Mark: first one is Mark and family; Abbey, Laura's Mom, Casey and Laura

Laura and Mark course measuring in Hawaii!

Table Tennis is Mark's is one his passions!

Course measurers and companions

Mark is ready to run...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Night Sky in May

May is a great month to take advantage of no mosquitoes while sitting outside, especially in mild temperatures, Hubby Bill and I are listening to a book on audible that will take some time to get through. Tonight we decided to sit outside, sans mosquito, and listen as the birds until they sang their last song of the day, and listen to our book Leonardo da Vinci, by Walter Issacson. It’s so appealing to watch the night sky takeover the daylight. A perfect evening for sure.



Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tenacity of a Bulldog!

The accompanied photo of this post is "The Best Daughter" playing youth soccer at some of the highest levels available to her and her team back in the day: Freestate Phoenix (2002-2010). Her tenacity on the field was fierce, and she captivated the determination and doggedness in every game she played. It was a joy to watch from the sidelines, even those "nail biter" games that brought out the best in all the players, and therefore each team battled to the final whistle, and were some of the most memorable games of all.

While thinking further of her grimaced face and total focus, or the resolve to get to the ball first, and send a pass, reminds me of how we are all coping and strategizing our days amid the COVID-19. We all our enduring the long stint of shelter in place (perhaps some with a grimaced face too); the stamina needed while working from home (and those with young children in school-homeschooling); the purposefulness of eating at home...every meal for the most part; the firmness of wearing a mask to help protect ourselves, but more importantly, others orbiting near us; and the staying power of "we shall overcome,"  and get back to a "new normal" at some point down this murky road we are all traversing. Yep, that's all being tenacious as a bulldog all right.

BSoleille! The bright side of being determined that we will all get to the other side of all this; plus keeping ourselves and families safe and healthy as best we can each day. I hope we are trampling the curve - sooner than later.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Is a Little Birdie Trying to Tell Us Something?

This little birdie, a suspected blue jay, hung around on our outdoor chair for over 30 minutes looking in the house, and at times, closing its eyes for a short "cat" nap. Its sibling, I assume, was in the grass about 5ft. away and never moved either. Their mom, I'm also guessing, did several swoops around our yard, checking on both of her little ones with a super quick check, However, she was way too quick for me to take a photo on one of her fly-bys and the nano-second she perched next to her offspring on the chair. I wonder if they will be back tomorrow?

BSoleille! The bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic in not fazing the life of these amazing backyard birds one bit. They are doing their thing, as well as all the wildlife in all our backyards and across the land. Carry on little birdies...


This little one looking right at me... (yes, that is a screen)

Lookn' for mama

A quick flip of its wings, but still never moved from its perch

Went to the other set of doors to take this angle; "probably wondering " where I went...

Monday, May 18, 2020

Lady Bugs!

While passing by the front flower/shrubbery walkway, I noticed that our rounded Spirea plant is looking quite dapper. When I saw some "red" things on it, I took a closer look and realized those red things are my favorite bug: The Lady Bug! They are, you know, a sign of good luck, and are also good for the garden and plants. They help with eating damaging crop eaters like aphids and other destructive bugs and pests. A good thing for all our gardens and shrubbery!

BSoleille! The bright side of enjoying the Lady Bugs of our gardens!


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Photos to Home Improvement

As we all know, to "redo" a room, most everything needs to be emptied out (especially when new flooring is coming later this coming week). Therefore, the thousands of photos and way too much stuff had to be brought to attention and dealt with...or at least moving it out and putting it all into another place for the "meantime." And that is exactly what we've done today. I mostly removed carpet, cleaned the area every time a piece was removed and out of the house, including the carpet pad, and all the very gross tack strips with nails that were nailed into the concrete slab.

Not for the faint of heart, but the windows were open for fresh air circulation and we carried on by methodically "gutting" the room. We can all breathe easier now (nasty 23 year old carpet from three pets and little kids back in the day, need I say more?)


Already on the move...

The moving stuff out was well under way before I took this one....

Other side of the room with photos already moved out of the way

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Rifling Through the Last Frontier...Our Back "Office"

We are choking on thousands of photographs that could take months to go through, along with other paper paraphernalia collected in the last 24 years while living in Maryland. We have cleared some space in another part of the house for the "staging" area for all the tubs of stuff, but then what? Getting the room ready to replace the old carpeting and general clean up (it was painted only a couple of years ago), but it all seems so daunting. Since we don't have a basement, this "back office" has been our faux basement and catch all for way too many things accumulated through the years.

Our good son Ryan has been gently directing and guiding us to see the light, and to lighten up the space he works and spends a lot of time in, and we can't blame him one bit! Oh, but the memories, the photos, the taxes...ahem, and a lot of memorabilia generated by a guy who worked in the sports and entertainment world for over 20 years. It's a lot to process for sure, and we are tackling it as best as we could.

My burning question...what does one do with thousands of photos taken from after college (or late 1970's) to about 2000-2002 (that's when digital cameras came onto the scene)? We will eventually, or shall I appropriately say, it will be me, going through the memories, keeping some, and tossing the rest I'm afraid. I guess we cannot keep it all, and don't want to either. Deep breath as we continue the photo tackling, and frankly, it's about time.

So some photos that stuck out of the boxes and are definitely throwbacks are below.
First photo is me and my brother-in-law, Don Tomoff, either before or after the race (Bill taking photo)



Big sloppy kiss from Wally to "The Best Daughter"

Me and Wallyburgers as a brand new pup

Bill and Wally

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Knock-Out Roses

I like to call the rose bushes planted in our front yard my Muhammed Ali rose bushes, or otherwise known as "knock-out" rose bushes that I planted several years ago. They are in full bloom this week, but the best thing about the M. Ali's is that they bloom somewhat continuously throughout the spring and summer months, much to my delight. When I bought them, they were quite little, and nothing was budding out at the time, so not sure what color of rose I was actually getting, and don't remember if the containers revealed the colors (I bet they did, right?) But every single bush has those deep pink petals that sometimes look red in different light of the day.

I would love other colors too, but a yellow or light pink never made it back to the yard for planting that year. Maybe next year I'll mix it up a bit!

BSoleille! The bright side of: "taking time to smell the roses." And one more: A rose only becomes beautiful when if opens up and blooms. Its greatest tragedy is to stay in a tight-closed but, never fulfilling its potential. Author Unknown


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Zinger Scrap Quilt

My "Study in Scrap Management" is nearing its peak since I would like to move onto other projects in my queue. But I "needed" to eek out one more 2.5" strip scrap quilt; this time using the red in a certain position so it can run and be a vibrant force throughout the quilt. It's 42 blocks at 12.5", so a fairly large scrap quilt to cuddle/sleep under eventually. The photo doesn't do this quilt justice, but once entirely done, I'll share it's completion in an outdoor setting with good light. That can make all the difference in seeing all the colors running amok and red as the "zinger."



Monday, May 11, 2020

More Signs of the Times

While on our daily "scoot," we love to see the "new" signs in one yard in particular. Food for thought for all of us going through our daily routines, I suppose.



Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day 2020

I hope everyone enjoyed a very Happy Mother's Day despite COVID-19 and social distancing precautions. We are all trying to stay positive as best as we can, especially with some of these "easy" holidays and upcoming warm weather days. I think we can still have fun and be grateful for what we have in our lives and family is at the top of the list!



A quick photo with my family and adult children, that thankfully, push me to be the best Mom I can be for them! I love them with all my heart!

Friday, May 8, 2020

#CelebratingOthers with College Roommate (BGSU) - HS Class of 1980 - Jennie Groves!

We cheered each other on while writing papers; studying for exams; stripping labels off cans at college parties (sorry guys); executing unbelievable college pranks (madd ringer); helping each other to get up early to get to morning run by 6:30am; eating veggie pizza pies at Myles Pizza; watching the last episode of "S-Mash" in 1982 on a Black and White TV; dancing the night away at Uptown in Downtown Bowling Green, Ohio, and, 867-5309! My accomplice that I am forever grateful for our 40+ years of friendship: Jennifer Lynn Groves! She was my Robin to my Batwoman, ahem...

Jennie (AKA Jenno) was my college roommate for three years (we had others our frosh year), at Bowling Green State University. We met as freshmen on the Cross-Country and Track Teams for the University beginning in August of 1980 (pre-camp) and became fast friends. By sophomore year, our coach, Sid Sink, paired up runners who wanted to room together (it was not so fun with us having to get up so early with our previous roommates that we loved, but they did not understand that early morning "madness." Jen says that I was "responsible" for bringing her out of her shell, and I am grateful I was able to do "my part" as a college roommate, and here all along I thought it was my study habits!

We had a great experience in dorm living (Batchelder Quad), and met a lot of great and fun people on our hall. While talking recently, Jennie affirmed that college/dorm living are the next steps in taking care of yourself while living with others, and looking back, academics seemed "secondary" to the skills we learned as young people about to embark out to the rest of the world.

By our junior year we were able to move off campus and chose to live in the same place Jen's older brother, Brady, lived while he was at BG; Buff and Clough (pronounced Cluff). That junior year we lived with seniors from the CC/Track Team; Jodie Welly Smith and Terri Gindlesberger Lemke; and our senior year, lived with juniors Rosalie Cocita Franek and Joanne Lancioux Wegert. Our collective friends spanned the freshmen to seniors, and we loved that!

Jen was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, to parents Harland and Joan, along with older brother Brady, and younger sister, Connie. She enjoyed a typical childhood in Mid-Ohio, and graduated in 1980 from Malabar High School. She majored in Business Administration at BGSU, and I'm sure she will never forget her Econ 101 Class or Accounting 1 (I won't!) Lots of studying for sure with these two classes. After graduation, Jen took off for Europe for the summer of 1984. Once back, she moved around quite a bit to her delight: Cincinnati, Montreal, back to Cinci and then Boston/Brookline, MA. She worked various jobs in retail, plus a travel agency for runners, and then the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Jimmy Fund Clinic) through 1992.

She met her husband, Dan Hickey in 1990 in Boston (rent controlled apartments). He lived upstairs and locked himself out, so of course, he knocked on her door to use the phone...and the rest, as they say, is history. Their instant connection turned into an engagement, a move to Northern Vermont, then marriage on August 15, 1992 on a farmette. They lived for a total of eight years in four different towns there. In the summer of 1996, when we first moved to Maryland, I took a road trip to Vermont with a four year old and almost two year old for a visit with Jen and Dan. Believe it or not, we did a lot with the kids (Ben&Jerry's/played in their creek and drove and hiked up to the summit of Mt. Mansfield).

Dan job's, whose career has been in print/publishing and digital media, meant moving around quite a bit. But they really enjoyed their moves to various parts of the country and it has certainly enhanced their lives as well as their two sons. Their first son, Samuel, was born in 1997, and then Clay, who was born in 1999. By this time they moved to Northern Virginia, but after a couple years, moved to Des Moine, IA, where they spent a good chunk of time as the boys entered their formative years of school and sports (Hockey!).

As a lot of folks know, moving is a challenge, and it was no different with Jen. She had to meet new friends, and then leave them behind with the next move (military families can certainly relate). She's a very easy going gal, so it is easy for her to make friends wherever she goes and adapts with her new surroundings and everything that it entails. She mentioned that "anything is possible," and nothing feels permanent except her family, therefore, "home" can be anywhere. This was especially true when they packed up the kids and dogs and moved to Park City, Utah, in 2012. This was a hard move for her boys to adjust initially, but by the time came for another move, they simply loved the outdoor sports and adventures this part of the country offered them.

I must say Jen has a lot of interests, and parlayed her love of nature and science by earning her Masters Degree from Johnson State College while still living in Vermont. She has volunteered in classrooms, was a middle school science teacher for three years, and by the time they moved to Utah, began her favorite job; working as a naturalist in and out of the classroom. Not one to "rest," this energetic blue loving gal, while raising her boys, co-founded of a youth group in Des Moine called KWAKERS, or Kids with a Kause. It was set up for local youth to serve others by doing fall clean-ups, baking cookies for the Ronald McDonald House, hosting a sock drive for the homeless and the like.

Today, Jen and Dan, and their family, live in Nashotah, Wisconsin (past 2.5 years). Jen works as a naturalist for the Retzer Nature Center and runs several programs for kids from 2 to 92; and one day a week works at the Stone Bank Farm Market near her home. Her superpower(s) are: Wisconsin Master Naturalist and Certified Instructor for the programs. She explained to me that connecting people to nature brings her great joy. Her job encompasses helping the earth and the animals she comes in contact with: "from Moose to scat if you can believe that."

And lastly, due to a running injury years ago, she tries to run about two times a week nowadays. However, she loves to hike, kayak and backpack. Her yearly backpacking trips she takes with her gal pals are epic because she loves the outdoors, and sharing the experience with her friends and family too when they can get away with her!

BSoleille! The bright side of #CelebratingOthers with Jenno Groves - college roommate extraordinaire (note: giggled while writing this as the memories of those college days flooded my mind...along with the photos below).

Terri (AKA Terro/ Wild T)

Directly below are photos from Jenno:

Clay, Dan, Sam and Jen

A visit to Park City, Utah in 2015

Our college days... the car was my '73 Ford Maverick; could not open drivers side door (through window, yes). Had "let's party" written across the roof but put on my someone else. My Dad bought if  for me for $100 and it unbelievably lasted and worked our junior/senior years a BGSU!


Roomies our junior year: Jodie and Terri G.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Clacking Bamboo in Maryland

Not to be confused with the awesome quaking aspens in the West, clacking bamboo is a thing I've come to know and experience in Crofton, Maryland. According the the University of Maryland Extension program, bamboo is a member of the grass family (has woody stems to distinguish itself), and easy to grow. However, depending on type, it takes a lot of management to control unwanted spread (but does make for a nice fence!)

Many types of bamboo are tropical, and pandas love it, but some species can grow in temperate climates, including the state of Maryland. Bamboo harvested in the Orient is for food, paper and timber, but elsewhere it's grown as ornamental. When a neighbor suggested I check out the clacking bamboo near us, but better on a windy day, I thought today was windy enough to check it out. It's a resounding YES! He was right, the bamboo "clacks" as those woody stems bang into each other as the wind sweeps through, and in and around, the 60-80 ft. tall stems. Bamboo anyone?



Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Cinco De Mayo 2020

A big pot of tortilla soup will have to suffice for the Cinco "holiday" celebration today. Enough heat with a good amount of jalapenos has certainly helped clear out the sinuses, and every slurp so delicious. Thankful for the chicken and fresh veggies and yielded enough to share with "The Best Daughter."



Photo of the soup with blue chips on top!

Monday, May 4, 2020

A Sign of a Hero

I hope all neighborhoods have signs to recognize our hometown heroes on the front lines. They are passionately taking care of our loved ones so selflessly, and therein lies the beauty of it all. As I ventured out to the grocery store, I had to stop and take the photo below.

Thank YOU to all our heroes in all our neighborhoods! You know who you are...



Sunday, May 3, 2020

Thoughts from the Grocery Store

Shopping every two weeks, I kind of look forward to heading to the store, all masked up with sanitizer in my purse, and my bags at the ready to be filled with provisions for the next two weeks. The line waits and check-out waits vary, but I love to look around the store and silently thank all the farmers, workers and stockers that has made the trek all possible. I don't think I ever thought those thoughts of thankfulness to include the grocery store "operations" and all that it entails to bring food to the masses. I will now...

BSoleille! The bright side of fresh food and a stocked fridge that the entire family is thankful for!


Trunk full of thankfulness in good food!