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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Milestone Post for Ryan- 17 years Post PBMT (Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant)

I’m going to go back a bit ala The Focused Fight to write a celebratory post. Today, November 3rd, is a day we celebrate my/our son Ryan’s New Birthday! Seventeen years ago we were waiting for his new bone marrow to arrive at Duke University Hospital to once and for all eliminate the leukemia that was ravaging his small body.

We knew in the early am that the life-saving marrow and our hero and donor, Scott Harris, was at his hospital donating, but gosh darn it, that marrow took all day to arrive in Durham, North Carolina. Lots of roadblocks apparently (driver from the airport got lost finding Duke), but it did finally arrive. Precautions were also implemented once it was in the hands of the practitioners, so by the time Ryan got that first cc of precious blood and marrow, it was 7:45 PM. Yes, we were wringing our hands all day long…

In effect, we celebrate his “new” birthday today—now 17 years Post Transplant. It was never easy on this road, however, the new marrow gave him a new leash on life. WE are all thankful beyond our wildest dreams with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who were put into our crazy zigged zagged path to get Ryan to where he is today.

I just did a happy dance. Ryan and Bill will celebrate with a Chipotle meal later today. Olivia rang in with a text first thing this morning.

The day is never lost on us no matter where we are in the world.



Olivia and Ryan 11/3/2004 - Duke University Hospital

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