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Friday, November 19, 2021

Chicago; My Kind of Town for a Wedding Weekend!

Chicago, or affectionately called Chi-Town, is an awesome city. The downtown area is ripe with energy and excitement as soon as one steps off the train, out of an Uber or out of the hotel doors. We are here to celebrate with the Gage family (Deanna and Jim) the wedding reception for their daughter, Samantha (Sam/Sammy) and her bridegroom, John Munyon. Thankfully, we got here a day earlier to march around town like champs and to make our fitness apps proud! 

Everywhere you look there are lights strung just about everywhere, especially on the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue), where holiday festivities are underway. In fact, tomorrow, Disney is having their huge annual parade down the Magnificent Mile right by our hotel. In a good customer service move, the hotel notified its guests a few days prior to this weekend that most roads will be closed in the area. They highly recommended that we make other arrangements in getting around the city.

I could "brag" that Disney is throwing a parade in honor of Sammy and her groom, John, or I can say that Disney threw a wrench in their plans with road closures and navigational obstacles to get everyone safely and on time to the wedding venue a few miles away. I'd love to go with the former, but the latter takes the wedding cake!

Anyhoo, though cold, but sunny, we had a fine time walking around a large part of the city. There is a lot to see - even from the architectural stance - and it never disappoints. It was suggested to us to take one of the riverboat tours to check it all out, but we decided to walk instead. No need to freeze our butts on a boat. Walking makes us warmner by far. 

A few photos to share before the wedding festivities later today and tomorrow.



Notice the window washing crew on upper left of building?

Here is a little closer up! It was 32 degrees at this time! Whoa!

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