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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

For the Lady in the Soccer Suit - It's a Wrap!

Last evening I wrapped up my last game of high school soccer season in the state of Maryland. Can you see I’m doing the Happy Dance? Wearing shorts and short sleeve jerseys since late August, I had to don a pair of sweats over my shorts and a long sleeved jersey over my coat. It was supposedly 60 degrees…but with 25 MPH winds and gusts faster than that, it was COLD! Autumn has definitely arrived in the Mid-Atlantic. I even wore a pair of mittens and never took them off the entire match.

The game was fine, senior night for the home team. They were all excited for their after game festivities that I think the actual game was an afterthought. Thankfully they won the game  over their opponent 2-nil. However, towards the end of the game, I became aware of one of the home team’s player with a band-aid covering an earring high on her earlobe. This is a cautionable offense (yellow card) with the first card going to the coach for any jewelry on a player. The second, third and so on cards go the players. What pained me was that this coach is the nicest guy in the world, and one of the best coaches in Maryland. I’m aghast that he had to end his regular season with a card. 

A reader of a The Lady in the Soccer Suit story may think, “why didn’t she (referee) ask about jewelry in the first place?” Ahh, that’s a good question. That is the top topic addressed with each coach (and the team) before the start of a match. They (the coaches…and the players) are supposed to “know the rules” in high school which includes NO jewelry of any kind. By the way, the “rules" are call “laws” in USSF/Club/Travel ball. Thanks for asking about this clarification.

To celebrate this momentous occasion on the last HS match for me in 2021, I went to my local pharmacy, with a late evening appointment on board, for my Covid-19 booster. No line, no worry. I hope I am covered for the cooties for at least another six month. 

I feel the time is right to focus in on my writing, as well as getting back to the Kindlings in WIC3. When I am not writing, I have a plethora of quilting jobs to finish and ship out. 


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