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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Tell Tale Artist - Mary Mahoney

I find it most inspiring when my quilt guild hosts a guest speaker, and tonight was no different while hosting Mary Mahoney, a fiber and quilt artist. Mary was always around crafting and sewing from a young age, but not from a line of quilters, per se. She revealed that her mom sewed all Mary's and her four siblings clothing until handmade clothes were more expensive than store bought ones. And then there was the glorious Halloween costume days. Do you remember those?

Tonight, Mary documented her journey of where she is today in the quilting world, of course starting by making many baby and wedding quilts for her family and friends until about 10 years ago when she began exploring the art of pictorial quilts (houses, barns and animals). She made "quilted home portraits" using a technique she developed and perfected, and that was what she explored with us this evening including a short demonstration on her technique.

You can check her out here: https://thetelltaleartist.com/

Mary certainly has a gift and talent for her fiber quilts, and was oozing with grace and passion on her "portraits." She was entertaining and kept the crowd going with her start up stories (commission work from her neighbors), entering shows, the mistakes made along the way and the love she showed for her husband (he came with her) and her entire creative outlet that she loves to do and share with others.

BSoleille! The bright side of an inspiring night with quilter/fiber artist, Mary Mahoney!


Photos of Mary and some of her work.

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