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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

It is funny how you get "caught up in the moment", like the first day of a brand spanking new year. Because in the past, I have blogged that I believe September 1st is like the "first of the year", when school is back in session, and the "world" seems "balanced" once again. So while perusing shows on Netflix yesterday (like Call the Midwife which is AWESOME by the way), I ran smack into a documentary entitled: Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things.  I was intrigued, and due to the fact we were all "doing our own thing" yesterday, I immediately started and finished the entire 1 hour and 18 minute film with nary a stop.

Well, it was very thought provoking to say the least, and maybe just the thing I needed to see to "jump start" 2017 with a bang (like paring down my clothes closet for starters). With less stuff and clutter, the mind feels free. I thoughtfully decided I need to give this a try (and my husband is on board too so this should be an interesting year in eliminating clutter!). The most difficult part will be NOT bringing anything new in...

So for a few hours I cleaned and sorted and donated two huge black garbage bags full of unwanted items. I need to do more, and more places around the house. But it's all about baby steps today and in the coming weeks.

Another "funny" thing, I can actually see "white" spaces in the closet once again....

If intrigued about important things and minimalism, check out this link: minimalismfilm.com 

Photos: 1)  how a clean shelf looks in Target today (hehe), and a fresh start on my closet (look closely for those white spaces!)


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Misty said...

coincidentally i watched that tonight! it was great. i want to read the book, too.