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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tomoff's on Danny Health-Hats van Leeuwen Podcast

Good news! The flywheel is turning ever so slightly on my recently published memoir: The Focused Fight with some publicity in the works. The Tomoff family was recently interviewed by Danny van Leeuwen, a retired nurse and now, podcaster. He has a wealth of information to share with his listeners and his guests regarding healthcare in America. He's poignant, funny, interesting and wicked smart. 

Danny recorded a two-part podcast that I hope you give it a listen. Each one is about 35 minutes long. We were all thrilled to be a part of his podcast series in telling a bit about our story of being an ordinary family with an extraordinary journey of childhood cancer and beyond. 

The links below will take you out to the podcasts on Danny's website. If you read this, and don't listen right away and come back to it, you can find it on my newly minted website: territomoff.com

Danny also did two teasers associated with each podcast with the links provided below:

Episode 1: https://health-hats.com/pod130/

https://youtu.be/7S_ysTJ9oZw (2 minute teaser)

Episode 2: https://health-hats.com/pod131/

https://youtu.be/bypgHOF3faI (2 minute teaser)

BSoleille! The bright side of Danny Health Hats and listening to the podcasts!


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