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Monday, July 5, 2021

Meet Shirnelle -The Breakfast Guru/#CelebratingOthers

Meet Shirnelle - The Breakfast Guru!

As million of workers head back to work, we were thrilled to meet Shirnelle this weekend. She is responsible for making a great breakfast spread in a Woodbridge, NJ hotel. In the short time we spent in the breakfast area, Bill and I both looked at each other and said, “this lady is the breakfast guru!" I had a huge helping of her scrambled eggs, kielbasa and red potatoes. We noticed her cleaning and replenishing the food and coffee/tea bar the whole time we ate our breakfast and got caught up on emails. She smiled the whole time, looking like she enjoyed what she was doing.

When we were done eating, we started to head back up to our room to grab our bags and check out. However, we stopped at the coffee/tea bar to refresh our morning beverage. This is where we talked to Shirnelle. We thanked her for her service and delicious breakfast and presentation. I then casually mentioned that it is so nice to be “moving around the cabin” once again. She agreed. She said she was thankful that the hotel was back to serving the breakfast instead of a packed breakfast, that frankly, didn’t last too long in 2020. Based on her beautiful smile, I asked her if she liked her job. She lit up even more and said an emphatic, “Yes!” When I asked her how long she’s work there, she said, 12 years, except being laid off during the pandemic.

Smiling the whole time as she spoke to us, she said she drove her kids and family crazy last year worrying about everything, most certainly her job. Her salary meant everything to her to take care of her family. She said she was very thankful the hotel called her back to resume her breakfast duties. The joyfulness on her face was never lost on me/us.

People like Shirnelle are the nuts and bolts of the hotel industry. She was a shining star in our stay, albeit for one night, manufacturing sunshine with her delicious breakfast made for the masses, okay, many hotel guests coming and going outside of New Jersey/New York.

I believe in these small snippets in life. Our three minute conversation with her, and learning about her life during the pandemic and returning to work, truly added up in the column of “giving life more meaning.”

Shirnelle manufactured sunshine through her breakfast bar, winning smile and positive attitude.



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