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Sunday, July 18, 2021

25 Years in Crofton!

Today marks 24 years in the house we purchased in Crofton, Maryland in 1997. We moved to the area 25 years ago this summer, renting a house up the street from where we bought.  I cannot believe we've lived here a quarter of a century! When Bill and I got married, we lived in our house in North Olmsted, Ohio, for nine years. The years keep rolling on by, faster and faster.

Prior to moving into our house, I ended up buying some new flooring and carpeting. Even though we had a dog, so did the previous owners, and the carpet was quite beat up. Since this was a "new" house for us, we decided the new flooring/carpeting would give us a needed fresh start.

But Ryan ended up being sick and hospitalized the week that we got the keys to our "new" house. I was able to be at the house the night before, but not when the carpet guy was coming to install the flooring. Never fear, a couple of Bill's sisters and a brother-in-law came to the rescue and helped with the move, and carpeting. When the installer arrived, I was in the hospital with Ryan and Bill went to work. I had no idea what laid under the said flooring, but the installer was not a happy camper. There were layers and layers of flooring under the hallway carpeting that he was not expecting. No one had a clue.

My brother-in-law, Paul, had to talk this guy down because he was so upset at the work in front of him. He was swearing and carrying on. Thankfully, Paul, retired military, and super calm in a frenzied situation helped this guy out to carry out what he needed to do on the flooring and carpeting. Paul said afterwards that he was glad I wasn't there to see how this guy lost his cool for something so trivial. 

I'm thrilled we turned our house into a home for the last 24 years. It's easy living in a rancher style home. 



Home Sweet Home

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