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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Mazda Miata My Favorite Car!

My Favorite Car of All Time - The Mazda Miata

Oh, no, I’ve never owned my favorite car of all time, the Mazda Miata. But my good friend Debbie has. She has never driven a jalopy in her entire life, and I share that comment lovingly. She likes the new and shiny and never apologizes for her wheels (nor should she). Since I’m such a good friend of hers who loves cars like she does, Debbie lets me drive them or borrow them when I’m in town (Cleveland, Ohio should I fly).

Debbie and I have similar tastes in vehicles in color and designs. A lot of the cool cars she drove in our youth either she bought, or her Dad bought. I was never jealous or envious because I either couldn’t afford them, or did not want to part with a wad of cash to get from Point A to Point B that an old beat up reliable jalopy got me there. I was thrilled for her when she would wheel up to my house in her new gorgeous sports car. Within moments of some oohs and ahhs out of me, we’d drive off as only two good friends can into the sunshine or evening or black night.

Remember the Pontiac Fiero Gt 5-speed? Deb had a fire engine red one. I had the deep pleasure to drive it on occasion. More recently, she had a beautiful navy blue and white striped Mini-Cooper. Also one of my favorites. I think I drove it once when I was in her neck of the woods.

However, when Debbie bought her navy blue ragtop Miata 6-speed back in the early 2000’s, I was all in and thrilled for her. Since she knew I loved that car so much, she let me drive it anytime I was in Cleveland; sometimes for a week, and definitely for weekends. She would even go so far as to drop it off at my sister’s house so it would be there when I arrived. One time I took it to a wedding in Toledo, Ohio for the weekend. It was a solo trip for me and I took to the open road with the top down thinking I was one of the cool kids. I loved careening down the highway with the sun on my face and wind in my hair…that is until the weather turned on a dime and it began to rain. I had to pull off the turnpike to put the hard top back on. I wasn’t sure if I could press the button and it would go on safely and snuggly traveling at 65 MPH, so to be safe, I grounded my ride to a full halt.

Once we got a little older, she still drove a few sport cars. In fact, she had (2) Ford Probes. In more recent years she relented and began driving sedans, though sporty sedans like the Grand Prix, Monte Carlo SS and an Acura. Since I was also driving sedans along with Minivans, the allure to drive her cars bottomed out to zero.

Today, every time I see a Miata on the road, I truly pine for one of my own. There was one older one for sale near my home that was fire-engine red that I considered for a brief moment this summer, but alas it was sold quickly to someone else. I run/walk past it quite often since it remains parked on a street in my neighborhood. Often my mind wanders to: what if that car was mine.

I’ll keep dreaming of adding a Miata to the fleet, that way someday could become a possibility, but I won’t hold my breath.



Me and Debbie's Miata in 2002

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