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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Travel Credit to Big World Small Pockets - Steph Parker

I would like to give a shout out of THANKS to Steph Parker and her wealth of knowledge on world travel that can be mostly done on a budget. No joke. I serendipity came across Steph's blog: BigWorldSmallPockets www.bigworldsmallpockets.com/ while researching and doing my due diligence in planning my itinerary for Ethiopia. The first part of my trip to Addis Ababa with Dr. Shad and Julie Broas of The Aslan Project was straight forward, but the second half of my trip was all solo, and I needed some help.

This is where Steph came in and very quickly responded to my inquiries of the various locations I planned to visit. Ethiopia is, I believe, the only country in her travels over the last 10 years that she visited twice because she liked it so much. Additionally, she gave me valuable tips and tricks while traveling solo, in that I felt is was necessary to learn as much as possible while there and to stay safe. As a matter of fact, I had one hotel already booked before I saw her recommendation, so I felt we were on the same "wavelength" on how we like to travel...especially on a budget. Her "spot on" recommendation for guides (definitely needed in both Lalibela and Axum) certainly made the trip more enjoyable in learning the rich history of the churches in both towns because the guides know the area(s) so well.

To cross reference, I also checked out TripAdvisor, but Steph was my "go to" in most of my planning for this wonderful adventure. My motto to take on the journey: if Steph could do it, I could do it too!

Check out her website if you plan on international travel; she just may have a nugget or two for any type of travel. I noticed that she traveling through Romania today....


DragonTree in the Tigray Region; Queen of Sheba's Palace: Axum, Ethiopia

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