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Friday, August 10, 2018

Axum, Ethiopia 

I have a lot to share about this trip, but because of spotty WiFi in many places (though they all advertise they offer free internet it in all travels sites and publications), it’s not the case...at all. 

I’m hoping I can post this one when finished. 

Axum is a contender for the oldest continuously inhabited city in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also Ethiopia’s most historical and archaeological important town as well as the site of it’s earliest church and spiritual home of Orthodox Christianity. It lies less than 25 miles south of Eritrea. 

The town boasts relics and artifacts from 2200 years ago, plus the stelaes, catacombs, ruined palaces, the Queen of Sheba’s pool, and houses the "original" Ark of the Covenant. I went on a short tour this afternoon of the stelaes and museum (no photos in museum allowed), and have a more comprehensive and longer tour planned tomorrow. It’s very different from Lalibela, but therein lies the beauty of travel within the country. 

Though still at an economic disadvantage, the 60,000 people that live here are friendly and welcoming from my first impression and walk through the entire city and first tour. 

I must admit that the food is great, and most of my meals are traditional Ethiopian. One meal (lunch) with the injera base that is topped with other food is tremendously filling, and for me, no other meal required. I’ve even had coffee!!

BSoleille! The bright side of exploring the core of the ancient Axumite Empire. 


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