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Thursday, August 16, 2018

#CelebratingOthers with: "24 Does Look Good on Ryan!"

Life is funny with it's twists and turns, and we've all got them and have to roll with them. So, now that I'm back home, Ryan is away at Special Love's Camp Fantastic as a counselor this week, and of course, it's his 24th Birthday (and since he turned 7, Camp Fantastic is always the week of his birthday)! So he gets to celebrate it twice; with us and at camp, can it get any better than that?

And although we celebrated his birthday (with family) before my trip, I still would like to take a moment to celebrate him through this post! A day ago, he wrote on his FB page that "24 Looks Good on Me", and I couldn't agree more. He is also celebrating today with a crowd that knows him best (beside family); and a big HOW-HOW shout out to Ryan is what tops the order of the day!

What a year Ryan's enjoyed leading up to today; continued healing on his tongue, a new job (part-time); the CAPS Stanley Cup Championship; a trip to NYC to watch his beloved Yankees, a trip to Texas to visit his sister, Olivia, and a family hike in Boulder, Colorado in July. I could not be more proud of this young man who is kind and compassionate and wants to help others. He has also developed his own style in everything he does, including the clothes on his back/or should I say legs... (think of the LOUD shorts and pants he wears...and still looks good to boot)!

From some of Ryan's most recent setbacks from a medical standpoint, I am/we are overjoyed that he is starting to reach his stride once again. It's taken awhile, but we celebrate the small victories, even if that means celebrating a mundane day. And as we know, every day counts for all of us and that in 365 days, another candle can be added to celebrate another year! I am thankful to add that candle today for Ryan and wish him a very Happy 24th Birthday! Love you to the moon and sun and back!

BSoleille! The bright side of CelebratingOthers - Ryan's 24th Birthday!


Photog at Camp Fantastic

Family Celebrating the Caps Stanley Cup Championship!

With the Great 8, Alexander Ovechkin

In Austin, Texas

Boulder, Colorado

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