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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sunshine, Water and a Butterfly

I am over the moon that I've been able to get back into our local pool to swim laps. It was my first time swimming in 2021 a couple of days ago. When I pulled into the parking lot I happened to notice a lot of cars. It was late afternoon, the sun was up and hot, and it was nearing dinner time. I was still clueless to the loud screams coming from the pool and knew there couldn't be a swim or dive meet that soon after the pool opening Memorial Day Weekend. What I didn't realize, or totally forgot, was I went to swim my measly laps smack dab in the middle of swim and dive team *practice*.

I looked at my watch when I first entered the pool deck - 5:15pm. I asked three lifeguards when practice will be over and they didn't know. The temperature was 91 degree Fahrenheit and I wanted to get in the water. The fourth guard on the chair was able to reveal that they'd be done by 6pm.

I hesitated for a moment on whether I'd turn back and go home, or wait it out 45 minutes where all the screaming mimis would be exiting the pools and going home for dinner. Of course my swim bag had the necessary gear as goggles and a towel, but it was also laden with a magazine and my current book—*Wired For Story* by Lisa Cron. I decided to jump into the book first.

That laughing, screaming and 100 kids splashing in the water were tuned out once I started reading. I never heard a thing, which is something my mother or my family can't figure out that I can really tune out everything else when I read—even music.

As it neared the magic hour of 6 bells, I carefully put on my new goggles and stood at the pool edge waiting for the last swimmer to exit "my" lap lane. Once his last foot was out and up on the deck I jumped in the coolish water. In no time my swim stroke was in rhythm and I felt marvelous! I took it easy this first time out. My plan is to build up 10 laps each time out until I reach 64 laps, or one mile, where I'll stay for the rest of the summer.

The rush of the water over my back with each stroke felt divine. I am home in the water. There's nothing else like it. However, all good things must come to an end (or the body confirms it's time to exit). I gathered my belongings and left - it was time for me to go home for dinner.

As I walked out toward the parking lot I noticed the tall daylilies on the path stretching as far as they could go. In fact, some were so tall they almost touched my shoulders. I was feeling exhilarated from my workout and happy. My attention became more mindful of the daylilies. I noticed a "flick" coming from one I almost brushed against. I saw it from the corner of my eye and stopped to check.

I am so glad I stopped. The “flick” was a beautiful swallowtail butterfly, nose down in the middle of the flower. He or she was sucking out the nectar like it was their job (perhaps it is!). I continued to watch and silently pulled out my phone from my bag, my intent to hopefully capture the moment without him or her fluttering away.

The photo below is the tender moment that I was able to share in with one daylily, one butterfly and me. A magical moment indeed!

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