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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Aziza's Launch Luncheon for The Focused Fight!

Aziza’s Army Luncheon

My plan is not to bore you with the ancillary work in self-publicizing, but I had to give a shout out to the other Cancer Fighting Moms I know and love through our common denominator: Childhood Cancer. Today, eight of us met for brunch along with our fearless leader, Dr. Aziza Shad. We were there to not only celebrate the launch of The Focused Fight, but also a birthday amongst us, and the fact one of our cancer survivor children (she’s in her mid-30’s) had her second baby two weeks ago (a miracle!).

We were the first ones to arrive at the restaurant and spent over three hours talking, catching up with our lives (not even the cancer kids except for the new baby’s mama), swapping stories and laughing harder than any other table in the place. That adage, “I’ll have what she’s (they’re) having,” was about it when our table erupted in uncontrollable laughter on several occasions.

All the ladies attending today played a role in the power of community, as in our tight-knit cancer community at Georgetown University Hospital all those years ago. They brought me meals, held my hand when going through a rough patch, and served on boards with me at the hospital. Every single one of them is gracious and humble, and their lives are full of gratitude—my kind of people.

I am getting the hang of this type of celebration with more photos and videos to post. The best thing: to be able to touch the moms with our story, as they too, reminisced about their own challenges with their child and beyond.



I shout of thanks to Beth, Donna, Michelle and our waiter for the photos/video! 

https://youtu.be/F2DXxtrgNuY - a short video of me talking about The Focused Fight

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