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Monday, June 28, 2021

Podcast with Danny Health-Hats

My family and I were interviewed over a series of calls in the last couple of months with Danny van Leeuwen, a health provider (retired nurse) and health advocate. Danny, who also has his own health challenges, loves to seek his own education in the realm of, not only advocacy, but the role of a caregiver, epatient, Family man and podcasts. We were thrilled to be introduced to Danny by another podcaster, David Bourne, who Bill and I met in the Writing In Community Class we took in 2020. David felt our story would resonate well with Danny's podcast. He was so right indeed. 

Danny first interviewed me, then Bill, then the kids. Initially I think the podcast was going to highlight what the parents went through, but as Danny asked us more questions, he learned very quickly that interviewing Olivia and Ryan would be best for the type of podcasts he does. Frankly, for us, it was a family affair. Danny had the foresight to incorporate our entire family for this two-episode podcast: Honor Supporting Cast, the Stars of Disabling Conditions. Danny is an excellent interviewer and drew out the nuggets of gold from each one of us as we described certain events, feelings and coping mechanisms. 

Yesterday, I posted this podcast straight to Facebook, but I wanted to add some color/context on how we got on Danny's podcast.

Here is the first of two podcasts highlighting large swaths of The Focused Fight is 37 minutes long. Take a walk and be transported as Danny brings out the best in each of us. 




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