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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Turnpike Travel

Traveling close to 1000 miles in the last week (998.5), you see things out there on the roadways. Big summer travel has arrived and folks need to brush up on their highway driving skills for everyone to arrive at their final destination (and then home again) safely. Mix in a lot of rain and fog for good measure (as it's been today and most of the past week), and you've got to pay super close attention. A couple of things I thought about out there on the turnpike and beyond:

1) If you drive a little slower than the rest of the gang driving along, just move over to the right lane...

2) If you want to talk on the phone, go ahead and do so, but again, move over as you tend to slow down when you talk....

3) If you text (DON'T), move over, or better yet, wait until you are at a rest stop.

Today a lady was texting at 75mph and weaving, plus driving over the lines. Her eyes were casted down toward her lap where her phone was and not paying attention at all. Scary for sure!

Pipe dream ideas for highway travel: one lane for all big 18-wheeler trucks; one lane for all the talker and texters (with a 4ft. rubber barrier that they could safely bounce off when they go over the lines) and one lane for the "Mario Andretti's"  out there with hands 10 and 2 and driving fast, but safe. Think autobahn!

BSoleille! The bright side of safe travels on the highways and byways across the USA for the upcoming summer treks.


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Unknown said...

Love your idea of new roadways. Don't think we'll ever see it in our life time but we can always dream. Glad you made it back safely.