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Friday, August 7, 2020

#CelebratingOthers with David Sabolsky - Class of 1980 from James Ford Rhodes High School!

If you knew David (Dave) Sabolsky in high school, you knew he was a sports fanatic and also loved music; going to rock and roll concerts to a "tune" of attending over 500 concerts to date! But before we find out what Dave has been up to in the last 40 years; let me re-introduce you a nostalgic Dave (he loved sharing with me the good years while growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, and the memories created.)

Dave, 58, was born in Cleveland in January of 1962 to Phyllis and Richard (deceased in 2017) Sabolsky. Phyllis was a homemaker until Dave and his siblings: James (now 57) and Christine (now 55) grew up and were at an age she could go back to work (at Higbee's Department Store). His Dad worked for LTV Steel, retiring early enough to enjoy his retirement and family for many years.

One of the proudest moments of Dave's youth was becoming an Eagle Scout while in high school. Requirements were different then, but Dave stated that he took care of the Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Center grounds to earn that wonderful distinction. He and his family belonged to the this same parish as my family (OLGC), and I have fond memories of Dave's family attending church functions like the Parish picnics; all the holidays and then, of course, milestone events as First Holy Communions and Confirmations. Although Dave attended William Cullen Bryant Elementary School, we both attended the same junior high and high schools.

While at Rhodes, Dave played one year of football, but then excelled by playing on the Rhodes basketball team (he's tall!) which he loved and met lifelong friends from that great team. Academically, he did well enough, despite his self-admitted ADD, to attend Cleveland State University after graduation. However, he conceded that he never grasped the college thing, threw in the towel and never finished. But...before he waved that white flag, he worked with, and wrote articles for, the CSU newspaper on all the shows and concerts coming through town for a couple of years. He was giddy at that time to receive backstage passes to meet the acts and was definitely caught up with the "entertainment bug."

After the Cleveland State gig, he got into Fast Food Store Management with several local chains for a couple of years, and also worked in a video store on the East side of Cleveland. Within a few years, he outright bought the video store, and admitted that besides the "G" and "PG" rated films and videos in the store, Dave owned the largest collection of Adult Films (porn) in a tri-state area. He said his nickname for a time was the "Porn King," and that his customers "demanded" utmost discreteness. Dave said he was able to provide this particular service time and time again for many customers in Northeast Ohio, and made a lot of money in doing so.

By the late 80's, Dave closed the video store and began selling cars for Spitzer Buick until 1995. He then sold cars for other dealerships, and then in 1999, a few managers he worked with/for in Cleveland bought a Ford dealership in Cortland, Ohio. Dave liked these managers so much, he decided to join them and move out there too. He said his nickname in the automobile selling world is "Big Dog," based on his motivation and sales skills gleaned from all the years he's honed those skills in sales and management. 

Prior to moving to Champion, Ohio, in 1999, this blue loving guy, who thought he would remain a bachelor, met his wife Heather in 1996 while both were working at the same dealership. They were friends first, as he was 33 years old to her 18 years old, but their friendship blossomed into love and they married on September 8, 2001 (three days before 9/11). They never went on a honeymoon since Dave was starting a new position, and their supposed honeymoon to New York City for a few days following their wedding was obviously canceled. A bright side to all of this was their daughter Madyson was born on December 22, 2002. She's entering her senior year this coming school year. Today, Heather is the head cook for the Champion, Ohio, Middle and Elementary schools (and previously drove bus for the same school district.)

As Madyson interests moved to softball at age six, Dave and his wife, Heather, became softball/baseball parents to Madyson right from the start. And once she began playing competitively (pitcher) when she was 10 years old, Dave said  the family vacations and most weekends swirled around her tournaments. Since they all loved the sport and all the camaraderie they experienced through those formative years, it was always a pleasure and something to look forward to. By age 15 (two years ago), Madyson quit her softball team "cold turkey." Luckily, her parents supported her decision, and life went on. 

This guy with probably the largest collection of concert ticket stubs in Ohio, and the most beloved things he owns, claims he has had bouts of depression for many years. Though those said years, he admitted to "self-medicating his troubles away" through drinking alcohol. His "drug" choice - craft beer. He loved them too much he said, and it became a huge problem as one may think. He also mentioned that watching his daughter grow from a baby to toddler to the young woman she is today, catapulted him to depths of despair. The drinking 'helped' for a bit because he drank enough to pass out each night. Of course, he couldn't keep this going, and, of course, his wife was very upset with all his drinking, that 601 days ago, he quit! Dave maintains he finally needed to come to grips with his life, and what life is all about, and today, works like hell to keep a positive attitude in anything he does. 

Once he quit drinking (and only attended one AA meeting, by the way), he has lost weight, and his diabetes (since 2005) is under control for the first time in years. I'd say that is a celebration for sure!

When I asked Dave his guilty pleasure, he quickly answered; "a good piece of chocolate cake." He admitted he loves all sweets. His superpower: he is an ethical salesperson. Money makes him tick, and Dave says the world needs peace right about now. I couldn't agree more.

When I asked him his "no-fail motivational song," he didn't hesitate to answer me either and responded; The Land of Hope and Dreams by his all time favorite singer, Bruce Springsteen (Dave has seen him in concert over 50 times!)

And lastly, David Sobolsky admitted that he is an instigator, especially as a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan (he's been to two NFL Super Bowls cheering on the Steelers), and loves to verbally, and through Facebook, spar with Cleveland Browns Fans the world over. He says his love of the Steelers began from early childhood since his parents were from Western Pennsylvania, and that's what he knew as a young boy. But he frankly admitted, that deep down in his heart, he would love to see the Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl more than all the Browns fans put together and would be the head cheerleader to make it happen! 

After all, he's a kid from Cleveland and loves dogs (he as two)!

BSoleille! The bright side of #CelebratingOthers with Dave Sabolsky!
Photos below from Dave


Dave, Madyson and Heather

Dave on right with his siblings and parents

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