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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sophie Nolan - 11/23/1931 to 7/9/2020

A depression baby (youngest of five) born to immigrant parents from Poland, Zosia Borkowski made her way through life in Cleveland, Ohio, (not always easy) as best as she could under whatever circumstances were thrown at her. She gave a valiant fight through dementia for the past 12 years +, and then six days ago, tested positive for COVID-19; not a good combination to have for anyone. 

Now, here is where the "rubber meets the road." Due to my mom being transferred from the nursing home where she spent the last 9 years on that long road of decline with dementia, and in lockdown (no visitors...AT. ALL), she was transferred to another nursing home with an entire COVID unit, and once again, NO VISITORS allowed unless a "thousand" page waiver was signed...ahem. Since that was not going to happen, we had to share our concerns (maybe construed as begging?) with the nursing staff (very accepting, thankfully) on holding her hand and whispering in her eye how much we love her throughout her very short time there. 

The heartbreaking thing was that due to all of the above, and the state of the entire world, at the very end of our loved one's life, we could not be there with her for us to hold her hand and whisper a prayer of God's mercy in her ear. I must add, though, once my/our mom passed peacefully, with a great nurse at her side, she called us immediately, and through tears, told us she was sorry. I replied back with sincere gratitude and that she was a "stand in" daughter for all three of us and our entire family. The poignant moment was never lost on her or any of us.

At 88.5 years old, Sophie was still tough as nails and her strength was beyond measure (she once lifted a car to save one of her nephews life back in the day); a Girl Scout co-leader, and a friend to many.

She loved her family and loved to cook big Polish dinners, especially during the holidays. She was a bowler (until she fell down a step and shattered her elbow); an excellent crocheter (she did not wing her stitches like me!), loved reciting the rosary and going to Church.

Living a long life as she did, despite her medical challenges, afforded to see her three daughters grow up and marry, and truly loved being a grandma to seven grandchildren (six boys and one girl).

She had a big heart and even kept a positive attitude in assisted living, and then in a nursing home, which was not easy feat.

Sophie/Mom/Grandma/Auntie will be missed dearly by many, but her legacy and that Polish strength that served her well her entire life will live on in her daughters and grandchildren. God Bless you, Mom. RIP



Photos from the family - below from circa 1973

Sophie and Kimberly

Grandma with Nate, Justin, Brandon and Kimberly

Getting the Wendy's fix!

Terri/me and Mom

Olivia and Grandma in Crofton, MD

Ryan, me, Grandma and Olivia

Mom and her daughters; Kimberly, Annette, and me

Sophie and baby sister, Annette

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