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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Is it a Sign from a Loved One That's Passed On?

When my dad died in 2001, a "strange" thing happened in the house that I told this story in an impromptu eulogy at the funeral home. He was a very good bowler with an average of 200 or better, and in one of the biggest bowling tournaments of his life (that he could/would have won "big" money), rolled a 299 (300 is a perfect game). Of course it's combined with at least two other games, and perhaps even more games from the weekend. But what that tournament director did was give my dad that last pin that stood tall, like a wooden soldier, that never teetered one bit - as my dad told the story. That pin was prominently displayed near his basement bar, and when gathering items for the funeral, we decided that bowling pin would "sum" up his life on the lanes. 

So, when we gathered some photos and other paraphernalia from that time, we also packed the bowling pin. For a day or so, that bowling pin sat in between the kitchen and living room and never moved (they are quite heavy in fact.) Unless someone is throwing a 16 lb. bowling ball down at it, it shouldn't move, right? Well, that day, as my mom and sister sat in the living room, and me getting ready in the hall bathroom, that bowling pin fell over. Silence. No one moved. It was unexplainable, and I heard it topple over while in the other room(kind of a loud thud). When I walked out of the bathroom, with an awestruck mom and sister, I said; "well, dad just rolled a perfect game." 

I'm convinced, it was his sign to us that he is okay...

Fast forward to this weekend, when my mom died a few days ago, I casually mentioned to my sisters that we should "look" for a sign from mom (and I typically ask those I'm close to if they ever see a sign from their loved one that has passed on letting them know they "made" it to the other side.) For a couple of days, nothing. Then yesterday, I noticed a social security card on the floor of my sister's desk and chair.  Sure enough, that card was my mom's. It sent chills down our spines, and we really can't figure out how it "fell" out of her desk without notice. Once again, I said; "it's a sign from mom, it even has her name on it."



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