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Friday, March 6, 2020

#CelebratingOthers with Bill Tomoff - Signing Off From the Office

I think working for 39 years at anything is a blessing, and of course, something to celebrate, and it's no different today when my hubby, Bill, who signed off from stepping into another full time office (except a home office which we are still working on and around my sewing machines...ahem)

When Bill graduated in 1981 from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, I bet he never thought what an illustrious career he would have as a "bean counter" (what I have always called him), or more formally, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Back in the day he worked looong hours in the Big 8 accounting firms, shoring up his skills as an auditor and more. Thousands of hours (days and nights and weekends) were spent over the books balancing debits, credits, A/P, A/R, financial statements of every color and stripe and learning FASB and GAAP. Nary a moment to catch a breath, right?

And then, on top of all that, got his MBA, and his CMA (which is a management accounting/industry specific). It was a wild ride...especially starting our family!

But the funny thing about Bill, he never took/or takes himself seriously, but certainly takes his jobs/career seriously, and that attitude has served him well all these years. I could not be more proud of the guy, husband, father and friend he's worked his whole life to achieve...in and out of the office.

Bill's stellar career has taken him to impressively learn a whole realm of businesses and related accounting; from manufacturing with General Industries in Elyria, Ohio, to answering a blind ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer where his love of sports parlayed into a financial position at Centre Management Group (owned by Mr. Abe Pollin) at the Cleveland State Convocation Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The several years he spent learning about how to run the accounting in a small entertainment venue, ultimately led to a 20 year career in the sports and entertainment industry on a much larger stage. This was the time the whole family took the plunge and moved to Washington DC in 1996, as the then, MCI Center, was being built.

In addition to the sports world, Bill worked with some smaller businesses in and around the Washington DC Metro area before being pulled back to work in sports with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But because our kids at the time were in college (in Virginia) and high school (local), it was best that the family stay back while Bill commuted back and forth when he could (and us to Cleveland as well).

That summer, while Ryan and I volunteered at our local pool hosting the Cameron Diamond Swim Meet, we met the owners of InstallNET, Karen and Dale Ewing, who are big supporters of the Diamond Family and this community swim meet. While enjoying the event, Karen casually mentioned to me that InstallNET was hiring and would I be interested in applying. A resounding "yes" from me started the whole ball rolling. By the first week of September I joined the InstallNET family and began working as a Project Coordinator in Crofton, Maryland. InstallNET is a project management firm that specializes in nationwide office furniture installations. I really loved working in the business, but after a few months learned that the owners were looking for a new finance director and mentioned my husband could possibly help.

In March of 2014, Bill had the opportunity to join InstallNET as CFO, at which time I left the company. The six year run that ended today was beyond what anyone would have scripted, both for me, and of course, Bill. In talking with Bill, he is so thrilled with the growth of the business, and the opportunity he had to contribute with the finance team. More importantly, the relationships built with his colleagues in the day to day efforts to help InstallNET's success is what he enjoyed the most.

This morning's "going away breakfast," of which I attended, was touching and emotional. The theme of kindness, like Mr. Roger's Red Cardigan, was simply wonderful. As Bill expressed to me, these were not emotions of sadness, but rather gratitude for such an incredible journey. "It's a Beautiful Day IN THIS Neighborhood!" -Mr. Rogers

BSoleille! The bright side of 39 is mighty fine!


Working until the last bell!

Finance Team

Bill with Karen and Dale Ewing

INstallNET wears Red!

Finance Gals and Bill: Karen Serafini, Bill and Sue Mainhart

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