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Friday, May 31, 2019

#CelebratingOthers with Tracy's Kids "SmileStone" Video

Tracy's Kids is an Art Therapy program for kids with cancer including their siblings and other family members. It's been going for over 20 years now, and it all started from humble beginnings with Tracy Councill at Georgetown University Hospital with limited art supplies but a huge heart to help kids fighting incredible cancer diagnoses, like Ryan back in the day.

Ryan, and family, met Tracy and her program in 1996 on 2 Bles at Georgetown. Tracy was an incredible influence on Ryan and showed exactly how art therapy can help kids facing scary testing, chemotherapy treatments and blood transfusions that was a daily occurrence for Ryan when first diagnosed at age 2 and beyond.

Today, founder and president of Tracy's Kids, Matt Gerson, released the below video on the $6 million milestone (Smilestone...) to thank the many supporters of this unbelievable program. This included mailing checks for Art Therapy programs to eight different clinics. These funds help pay for Art Therapist salaries and art supplies to help nearly 5,000 patients a year cope with the emotional toll imposed by the disease and its treatment. And the best part of this program; its FREE of charge to all the patients and their families they serve!

Please take a few minutes (3:04) to view this outstanding video. Ryan Tomoff is at the 1:25 mark and  counts seeing the Washington Capitals once or twice a year as one of his favorite programs thatTK's offers today! All the kids did an incredible job showing their appreciation for Tracy's Kids! Bravo!


BSoleille! The bright side of the Celebration Video of Tracy's Kids!


Photo of Tracy and Ryan at the TK's Red Carpet Event in Washington, DC

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