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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Time for Reflection on Ryan Tomoff's Original Diagnosis of Cancer 23 Years Ago!~

It's time to reflect, respectfully, on good health in all peoples the world over. Especially children. The cut is very deep within a family when a child is sick, dies, or is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. We are very blessed that when Ryan Tomoff was diagnosed 23 years ago today, that we were in the United States where we had the best options of hospitals, doctors and communities to take care of such a sick child as he was those many years ago. Never a day goes by that we don't silently thank the "higher power" of where we stand today, even though Ryan is a 5 time Cancer Survivor...and Thirver!

October 17th, I believe, will always be etched into my mind; it's the BC (before cancer) that I "divide" my life and the trajectory it took once the sledge hammer came down on our heads that fateful day. But we persevered beyond what any family should take on; and truthfully, we had no other choice. We put our faith in the Georgetown doctors (Aziza Shad and Joe Gootenberg); the medical staff, and the plethora of nurses that circled around the clock to provide the preeminent care we came to depend on 24/7/365!

It truly takes a "village."

Today, we want to THANK EVERYONE that has played a part in this crazy journey, even if it's a positive thought sent our way in the last 23 years. Everything is greatly appreciated beyond what my words can convey here, and promise me/us that you will hug your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephews a little tighter when together.

BSoleille! The bright side of positive reflection!


Below: Ryan with the "famous" Boo-Boo Bunny"

Ryan this past weekend in his happy place: volunteering with Special Love's Octoberfest in Front Royal, Virginia!
(Thanks, Jan Bresch)

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