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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Celebrating 10 Years with the JUST TRYAN It!

With so much going on this past weekend, I also wanted to share the 10 Year celebration (Orange Crush Party) of the JUST TRYAN IT foundation this past Saturday night at the Ivy City Smokehouse in Washington, DC. This wonderful organization helps childhood cancer families with financial constraints by paying bills (car notes, gas cards, mortgage payment, groceries); anything to help a fighting family in need so they can focus on their sick child.

Is was a doubly great night sharing this event with our good friends, Scot and Jodie Smith, "The Best Daughter" and her BFF, Liz Verrechia, and the many friends we've met along the way in our cancer journey with "our" Ryan (though he was volunteering for another cancer organization this past weekend).

Most notably, outgoing executive director, Carrie Sloan Norry, was given well deserved kudos on how she took an idea of a kids triathlon in their neighborhood of Bethesda once Ryan Darby was diagnosed with childhood cancer, and catapulted her idea to where it is today helping thousands of families across several states and beyond. She has parlayed "kids helping kids" to the highest level. So many are grateful for her vision and expertise in helping over 3200 families, watching over 5900 kids cross the finish lines at the various triathlons in several states and raising over 3.1 million dollars! Can you even imagine all the good going on out there?

Ceremoniously, the torch was passed from Carry Norry, to the new executive director, Maureen Colburn, and we are confident she will take this organization even higher. JTI also recognized Carrie by giving the first ever Carry Sloan Norry Award to Dr. Aziza Shad, Ryan Darby's Angel extraordinaire, along with so many more kids and families who feel exactly like Ryan Darby (including our Ryan and our family!).

If you have a few extra minutes, please view this short video on the Darby Family and the beginnings of the JUST TRYAN IT kids triathlon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fZIwQUNoD8

BSoleille! The bright side of the JUST TRYAN IT Kids Triathlon: Doing Good Together!


Photos from the event. Below; Scot, me, Jodie and Bill

Jodie Smith, Liz V. and Olivia

Outgoing Director Carrie Norry with Ryan Darby and Mollie Darby

Dr. Aziza Shad receiving the very first Carrie Sloan Norry Award!

Me, Bill, Olivia and Liz enjoying the firepit  

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