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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Can't Wait Until the Next BG Girls Weekend!

As our weekend drew to a swift close this afternoon, the memories shared over the past several days will hopefully last until our gang meets up once again. The last two days included more fun in the sun with a bike ride to Mt. Baldy and surrounding area in the National Park, kayaking in somewhat windy conditions yesterday (the two Laura's), to kayaking today in practically no winds and "on a sheet of glass" Laura H., Rosalie and me); along with the usual runs, bike rides and trips to hang out at the beach. I am thankful that the super nice weather lead to a stellar week of doing many activities outside (our favorite) for all us.

And, we all learned a new board game as well: Wingspan. Hp brought it and we were all very engaged in this new game over two nights when the sunset on our daylight activities.

A huge shout out of THANKS to Laura and Jay Hennessey for accommodating us for several days while we checked out her beautiful home and area of Beverly Shores, Indiana, the newest National Park in the US, and a lot of its environs.

BSoleille! The bright side of our beautiful friendships, one and all!


Below: Wingspan game with Hp Gruneisen and Jodie Smith

The Laura's after a 2 hour windy kayak ride...

Mt. Baldy Dune

Rosalie Franek

Bike ride through the marsh

Some much deserved R&R (Laura H and Hp Gruneisen)

Beach Time

Maryland City, Indiana Lighthouse

Our BG Girls!

Hosts: Jay and Laura Hennessey and Timber!

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