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Friday, December 7, 2018

#CelebratingOthers with Make-Up Artist - Helene Kirby

Raise your hand if you ever had a make-over? Believe it or not, I never had one until November 17th, the weekend of Special Love's Parent Get-Away Weekend. I typically shy away from the "pampering", but for some reason, I moseyed into the area where the make-up artists were working their magic on several of the ladies attending the weekend, and making them pretty, and I thought, what the heck and walked in...

One of the greeters, Chrissy, gave me a big hug and introduced me to Helene, age 60, and we hit it off right away. I explained that I'm not much, if at all, a make-up wearing gal, so she patiently worked my entire face (explaining along the way) on how the products she was using work on each face. Once ensconced in her chair (or "lair"), the enchantment of it all was intoxicating, even for this gal that wears only blush and lipsmaker (like chapstick). I figured she had some interesting stories and so I interviewed her that same evening (disco night).

Helene has been doing make-up for about 25 years and is currently a "freelancer" with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She even mentioned that we all must take care of our "aging skin", moisturizing and hydrating and wearing lots of sunscreen. What great advice for all!

But before she got into the make-up artistry, Helene "grew up" working for the Arena Stage and Washington Opera in administrative capacities. She was born and raised in Maryland (Bethesda, Wheaton, Rockville areas), and is the baby of three siblings. Helene loved working for the Opera and the shows because there were lots of perks associated with the job, but the retail world was "calling" her back (she also gigged as a personal shopper for a large department store). When the make-up counter girls watched Helene work so hard as a personal shopper, they enticed her to try her hand at the cosmetic counter...a move she does not regret!

She confided that she fell in love with the industry, her customer base and the fact she felt she could make a difference in her customer's life. She is cherished by many because she recognized everyone she worked with really needed to be listened to; and Helene rose to be that confidant (think; a good bartender). She listened and laughed and cried with her customers, despite if they ever bought one item from her booth. Well, guess what? Those same folks came back and back and eventually did buy, and that made "everyone" happy!

Helene says her co-workers Jody and Cheryl really taught her the ropes to the industry and is forever grateful that they took her under their wings. In addition, she loves to make someone "pretty", even for a moment, or that day. She knows they walk away glowing...as they should, right?

I loved Helene's response to; "what makes you tick?". She responded the ying and yang of it all, in that, she loves to bring balance to her life. Interestingly enough, she said she is a caregiver and helper, yet is a diva. Balance....

Lastly, Helene mentioned that people who change the course of history inspires her to no end (Doctors without Borders, Princess Di, and many others doing good work for the world).

I think Helene was the perfect match for my very first make-over! And thrilled that I was interested in her craft! She is an artist, bar none!

BSoleille! The bright side of #celebratingothers with Helene Kirby!

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