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Monday, December 3, 2018

#Celebrating Others turning the B-I-G 60 with Bill Tomoff (and Identical Twin, Don Tomoff)

Today marks six decades of running around the sun...with passion, commitment and dedication in anything Bill Tomoff digs his heels into! I was lucky enough to have met him as a young buck of 26 years of age, and witness his spirit and devotion with his work, our marriage two years later, and his unwavering support of his/our two children. Kindness reigns supreme in his world, and that sets him on a trajectory of helping others and learning as much as he can every day. (I can't keep up!)

"Be true to yourself" is aptly fitting on how Bill lives and loves his life, and he's full steam ahead with the 61st lap that started today!  I could not be more proud of this man, and love him to the moon and back with the same passion he shows me on a daily basis.

So a huge shout of a Very Happy Birthday on this milestone of 60! Sto Lat! (Polish greeting that means may you live to 100 years old!).

And let's not forget, a very Happy Birthday to Don Tomoff too! They are super "twinny" and close; which means that they talk multiple times a day starting about 6:30am; have the same mannerisms, are both CPA's (passed the exact same parts back in the day) and have "woo-woo" twin moments quite a bit (like dressing exactly alike but never knew what the other one was going to wear). They are the funnest accountants in America and co-founders of TwinzTalk!

BSoleille! The bright side of celebrating 60 with Bill (and Don) Tomoff!


Photos of Bill/Don and a few extras!

Family after the Caps won Stanley Cup 2018
Kelleys Island 5K award winner!

On the top of Flat Iron #2; Boulder, CO

At the Gary Vaynerchuck's Wine Tasting Event in New Jersey

Don on left; Bill on right

Waterfall hike; White Oak Canyon Trail in Robertson, VA

Dinner in Ft. Worth, Texas; Summer of 2018

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Quilting Nan said...

Happy Birthday Bill, and Don!