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Since January 1, 2012, my goal is to write a daily sentence or two (or paragraph or two) about gratitude of the day and to include one photo (at least) that I took that day (but will add others from time to time). It has definitely been a challenge most days throughout the past eight years, and welcomed the challenge again this year - 2020 - Covid and all. I hope you will continue the ride with me!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Almighty Egg

I think it's great to like eggs in any culinary fashion; over easy, scrambled, and one of my favorites, hard-boiled. The only thing that's kind of "hard", is remembering to hard-boil them before you want to eat them. It is a process, of course, but oh so great to have them on hand for a snack (even breakfast), and super easy to transport! Over the years, I have tried to cook/boil them many ways; with salt in the water, or vinegar too, and even baking soda. Not sure any of them make a huge difference, but I'll still put something in the water as they boil up. The cooling is important so the shell comes off easily...and sometimes even doing all of the above, a tough to peel egg will emerge. 


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