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Friday, January 12, 2018

Guinness World Record Holder X2 - Richard Flanagan

The amazing Rich Flanagan of Crofton, Maryland, has done it again, officially, breaking another Guinness World Record: The fastest bicycle wheelie over 100 meters in 10.86 seconds! I blogged about this feat on the actual date: October 1st, 2017 at South River High School in Edgewater, Maryland; but, gratefully, became legitimate this past week. Rich is truly a remarkable human being, and the many who know him personally probably think that's an understatement. Most folks are trying to figure out if the guy actually sleeps, since his family (wife and five kids and one grandson), his work, and his training regimen comprise many hours of the day...and, mind you, the training regimen "never" stops!

In addition to the above, his pursuit of passion in anything he touches is bar none. He is an avid learner and student on many subjects, but Rich takes it to the nth degree, and then remains humble about what he knows on any topic (bartending/photography/auto mechanics/bicycles of any color or stripe/computers/current events... to name just a few). Folks learn quickly from the moment they meet him that his infectious take on life and his sincere interest in others is also quite exceptional (and he never forgets your name!).

So, we all love to ride bikes (bicycles), right? And you know that great feeling with the sun in your face and the wind at your back while covering a lot of ground on two wheels, right again? Well, Rich does all of that, and way more...on one wheel! I say he's an "animal" when it comes to Rich and his bicycle; and when he rides, he becomes one with his bicycle. With two GWR's under his belt, you would think he would "retire", and take that bike on a long ride into the sunset, but that's not Rich. "Retire" is not in his vocabulary, and has sights on at least one or two more records. Can you fathom 100K (62 miles) on a wheelie, that is on one wheel?! Did you hear me? I did say 62 miles on ONE wheel! Can you imagine the focus needed to muster that? But if anyone can do it, it's Rich! Please stay tuned....

Finally, what is so inspiring to me about Rich is the incredible joy he derives from all his pursuits (in life and on a wheelie). In turn, his dedication and intensity of these quests inspire others with their own dreams and passions, making us all a little sharper, a little stronger and a little wiser each day! Cheers to the very impressive Rich Flanagan and wishing him the best of luck as he dons his kit and pedals toward his next dream!

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