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Friday, January 26, 2018

#Celebrating Others - Jan Williams

I would venture to say we all know someone in our lives who buys the best gifts, or sends a card at just the right time, and even possibly writes newsy and "from the heart" letters to people they hold dear. For me, my eldest sister-in-law, Jan Williams, is that exceptional person. Jan disregards the "new" way of communicating by texts and emails (though she does those too), but really still values the art of good letter. This can be from sending articles of interest to people she knows well, to cards and notes to let folks know she is thinking of them.

For me, it has not gone unnoticed for the last 32 years that I've been a part of the Tomoff family on how Jan also thinks through each gift she buys, or makes (dog treats come to mind for all the dogs in the family) no matter the size. It's been quite amazing for me to watch how Jan; 1) single handedly keeps Hallmark in business, and, 2) keeps the number one in business because she never misses sending a birthday or anniversary card to members a very large family. She must keep impeccable records by the month not to miss a thing, and that is quite inspiring to me.

Remarkably, I think Jan has a knack for really tuning in to what other people like. Through the years, Jan has sent me several articles about quilting that she knows I love. They are always sent "out of the blue", and always treasured by the recipient! She makes my husband's and son's favorite cookies (oatmeal raisin) and sends them a couple dozen when she gets the chance. Again, unexpectedly, and we are all giddy when a box arrives with the sweet treasure...all compliments of Jan.

We can all learn from Jan's "habits" in sending more cards, or a thoughtful note or some small "treasure" to those we hold dear too. With the advent of technology, and most communication through email etc., who doesn't like to receive a thoughtful hand-written letter through "snail mail?"
There is something exciting, (and grateful that someone took the time write) about slicing open the envelope and examining its contents and reading the cursive handwriting that lies within....just to say, "hello!"

BSoleille! The bright side of celebrating Jan Williams!


My sister-in-law, Jan

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