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Monday, October 30, 2017


I know it's Halloween Eve, but wanted to write a post about the Dr. Leo Buscaglia's book called simply: "LOVE!"

Raise your hand if you read it, or know of Dr. Leo. Unfortunately, Dr. Leo died in 1998, but his body of work, including LOVE (and several other books) and all its "trappings" live on... in each of us!

The "LOVE" book was written in 1972, and I read it as a college freshman in 1980. I really got a lot out of his writings then and thoroughly enjoyed it a second time as I just finished the "re-read" last week. It was like 37 years had melted away, and the "stuff" our world and our society is dealing with today, is pretty much exactly as the world and our society was dealing back in the early 70's through 1980. Kind of uncanny as I continued to read through the yellowing and earmarked pages of the book.

One of my favorite passages of the book (and there are many) I'd like to share, and I quote:

"It's the empathy that makes us responsible in love to all men. With each man who dies in the world, each of us dies a little. With each person who suffers, we, too, suffer a little. With each child born in the world, we all become richer in possibilities. We're all unconditionally like the other; it is just that we are in diverse lands, playing different roles in a variety of robes before dissimilar backdrops on various stages before foreign audiences. It would be interesting if we could often change robes and stand on many stages in our lifetime. It would give us great insight into man's universality."

I believe a little LOVE can go a long way in all our lives...

BSoleille! The bright side of 202 pages of a powerful LOVE punch!


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Unknown said...

Wow how wonderfully said. Sad that he isn't here to try and push his views to others. It's just what this world needs.