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Sunday, July 9, 2017

More Observations from the Highways and Byways

As Ryan and I drove 1700+ miles home from Colorado, this time taking US 64 to US 79 to US 68 and then finally to US 70 and home to Crofton, I could not help but notice all the beautiful scenery throughout this great land called America! From the corn fields (and there were a lot of them) to the wheatfields (not as much, but still out there) to the Appalachian Mountains across West Virginia and Western Maryland, it was all so lush and green and truly spectacular. Even the cloud formations kept us entertained with big puffy ones or "storm" clouds out in the distance. It was easy to tune into the beauty when driving about 600 miles each day, along with getting lost in deep thought, and even prayer. Believe it or not, I was thankful for each mile clicked off the odometer until I pulled into my driveway.

My other observations included all the traveling families either coming or going to their next destination, and "all" seemed to be in happy moods, or, at least that was my perception. It's vacation season so why not? This was all witnessed at road stops and gas stations along the way including food stops too.

But one of the most interesting signs noted were in the state of Kentucky. You know those huge (mostly blue) road signs that reveal the fast food/restaurant/gas stations coming up, well, many of them also included thoroughbred race horses as well. So, you can stop at at McDonald's for a burger and coke, then go around the corner and pick yourself up a thoroughbred race horse (a dark brown one is my favorite), all in one fell swoop! And let's not leave out the Bourbon Trail signs, along with more thoroughbred horses and Chik-fil-A's....all conveniently located in a "historic" town, because they ALL are in the Bluegrass state!

BSoleille! The bright side of many, many miles of safe travels...


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