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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Home Ownership and a Happy Ending Story

We all know home "ownership" is "overrated", but I'm very thankful we have one to work on, improve, update and cultivate the DIY that's in everyone of us! Today, with plenty of good tunes to listen to, I once again hit the painting trail, this time the master bathroom that is undergoing a renovation that I elected myself to do the honors. Those "cut-ins" really are a time crunch, but I'm happy to say I finished the ceiling and walls in two colors. Tomorrow, more of the same (touch-up where needed) and maybe a second coat with one of the colors (have to see it in daylight) and, lastly, trim work. Yippee!

It will be great when it is all said and done, so I'm keeping my eye on the "prize" of finish-hood!

Incidentally, while ordering this and that for the bathroom (like vanity and countertop and faucets etc.), the double-sink vanity top purchased at Lowe's was delivered with a broken corner.  I took it back and they exchanged it with no problems. I thought I looked over that second one well enough, but that proved futile. This time I called the store to report this countertop had deep cuts and scratches on top that we did not detect upon purchase (merchandise well covered with plastic and styrofoam around edges).

Since my contractor Mike S. was here to install everything, I asked for the store manager at the Bowie, MD, Lowe's. Thinking this may not go well, I was pleasantly surprised in talking with one of the manager's, Don Terry. He was "johnny on the spot", and remembered me from the first countertop return. He mentioned if they had a "good one" in stock,  (he, personally was going to open the box and check it out with a "fine tooth comb"), he would drive it over to my house in his personal vehicle/truck. And that is exactly what he did, with a "good one" in fact, and made this customer very happy with the service he provided for a "damsel in distress" and her contractor! Now that is excellent customer service...and with a smile too!

BSoleille! The bright side of a SHOUT OUT of THANKS to Don Terry of Lowe's in Bowie, MD!


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