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Monday, February 17, 2020

Quilt Scouts on Retreat!

Our fearless Quilt Scout Leader, Karen Todd, came up with the brilliant idea of "Quilt Scouts" - a play on Girl Scouts, where we could earn "badges" all weekend long while on the SoCo retreat, meet new friends, and wear our patrol colors (bandanas with our patrol colors ). While it was quite cold for a fire and roasting marshmallows outside, we never went hungry with the plethora of grub on the community table and our five trips to the mess hall for meals. Karen's cousin Jennifer, a master at "scan and cut" was able to design our T-shirts, and then add the badges we earned from the weekend to our shirts.

It was all fun and games with our usual retreat activities; mystery quilt (Misty Cole), scrap management vessel and pin cushion (Karen Todd), but it was the inspiration and camaraderie amongst the sewing scouts that made the weekend all that it could be. One scout, Robin Stinchcomb, was valiant in her efforts in trying to obtain every badge offered (maybe missed a couple); and certainly angled for an "eagle scout" distinction. One of our badges that most everyone earned was the "crown of completion," where instead of wearing a tiera upon completing a project, Karen carefully knitted a girl scout/ quilt scout beanie to wear (in wool).

Thankfully, many of us completed quilt tops, (and a fully quilted quilt too), along with tote bags and other projects from the scouts stashes, plus a great round of "Secret Sewing Sisters." A Big shout of Thanks to my Secret Sewing Sister Scout, Janet McCabe, who gave me the coolest sewing items throughout the weekend (she knows me quite well as each one was perfect for me!)

BSoleille! The bright side of the Quilt Scouts Retreat on the West River in Maryland.


Photo below; Robin Stinchcomb with her Tshirt designed by Jennifer and her badges on the right side of the shirt.

 A West River morning

A completed quilt top by Susan Navarro

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