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Sunday, March 24, 2019

It's a Wrap for The Best Little Quilt Show in Maryland...

Approximately 550 people came to the Southern Comforters Quilt show this past weekend, and from what I gleaned from the crowd, were enthralled and amazed at the quilts and work involved in pulling off, "The Best little Quilt Show in Maryland!

But besides the beautiful quilts, the Maryland Quilt Challenge, Vendor Hop (Wendy Allen's idea) and great vendors, do you know what makes a great show like this dazzle? If you guessed a committed group of volunteers, and not only our guild members, but members of the memberships' family and friends and a local church's youth group, all working steadfastly together, you would be correct! The Quilt Show Team comprised of Wendy Allen and Susie Stevenson (they are rock stars...diamonds, really) and I spent "hours" behind the scenes to tweak and make some changes and try to improve on what already has been a great local show, much to the members and public's delight. A big shout of THANKS to all who made it to the show and helped with any part of the show including set-up or take-down in any way. Appreciation has been oozing out of us all weekend long!

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing many friends and neighbors at the show (Thank you!), but I was just as pleased to witness the other members of the guild who had their friends, family and neighbors there as well in support of all our artistic efforts. Guests expressed to many of us how impressive they thought the workmanship was in each quilt (about 130+) quilts in total), and thankful they attended our show!

Lastly, I am so honored to be recognized by the public with winning four ribbons; two third place for "Lori and Me" and "Sewfari Bee and Me"; one second place for "Converging Ideas" with Barbara Dahlberg and one first place for "Choppy Seas" in Group Quilts. If you missed the show this year, set your calendar of our show in 2020...sometime in March!

It's not time to rest up and cook a home-cooked meal...and clean the house....or not!



A smattering of photos from the show; first one with the Quilt Show Team of Terri, Susie and Wendy (our blonde hair make us fearless!)

Sewfari Bee and Me

 Choppy Seas with hubby Bill

Lori and Me

Elfrieda Harris

Jane McKinley, Wendy Allen, Marion Wise and her daughter, Karen

Deb Hoppe and Robin Stinchcomb

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