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Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Super Bobs" Bobbins and Great Customer Service!

Hey, I know, another post about quilting...but it's not really. It's a post about great customer service involving quilting items, like Super Bobs from Superior Threads www.superiorthreads.com. When I returned home from my summer trips in late August, a lot of work was staring at me in the face, like Long-Arm quilting and T-shirt quilts, and I needed to get back to it all right quick.

For Long-Arming, I really like the pre-wound bobbins that come all colors; though I tend to use brights and neutrals, and these bobbins "go the distance" instead of winding the bobbins myself (don't get as much thread on them). As my supply was dwindling down (and fast),  I went out to the Superior Threads website to re-order the bobbins I needed. However, every time I checked their website for the brights and neutrals (over the course of a few weeks), the items always stated: currently out of stock. Hmmm....

In the meantime Superior Threads ran a great sale on many items, including the bobbin thread of which I continued to be very interested in. So, to "solve" the dilemma, a phone call was necessary to see what was happening at headquarters. Thankfully, a kind woman named Trish answered the phone on the first ring, and I explained my circumstances as stated above. She was determined to seek out the issue of "currently out of stock" bobbins, and to get back to me ASAP. She did not get back to me that day (they are located on the West Coast), but she took my phone number and told me she would call me with an answer soon.

A few days later, guess who called back? Yes, Trish called me back and reported that there were issues from the manufacturer on certain colors, but asked me if I'd be willing to swap out some colors for different colors, and I practically screamed, "yes." When Trish added that Superior Threads would honor the sale for me since I tried to order during their sale, they turned me into a customer for life. Just like their bobbins, Superior Threads, and their employee, Trish, certainly "go the distance!"

I love sharing the good in people and companies when warranted, and great customer service is definitely something everyone can identify with. I am back to quilting on with my Super Bobs.

BSoleille! The bright side of great customer service!


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