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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Math in Quilts with Kathy Lincoln

Most people don't know (or realize) that quilters do a lot of math when constructing a quilt. I tend to think I mostly do algebraic equations in getting the numbers straight for how many squares, rectangles, etc. to cut when constructing one block, and then "need" for the math to cut enough (correctly) for 20 blocks. The silver lining is that we sew in straight lines (thanks, Cappy!).

So when our guest speaker tonight at our guild's meeting, Kathy Lincoln, gave us a lecture on "poor patterns that are in many books and magazines today," she also gave us "tools" for pattern problem solving. Sometimes it all boils down that if you purchase enough fabric for whatever quilt is to be made, the "extra" more than makes up for all the boo-boo's that are bound to happen, even if there are poor math instructions from the various patterns.

According to Kathy's website: kathylincoln.com she has a special passion for simplifying techniques. Kathy believes in reducing fabric waste and speeding up the process, as time is the most precious commodity for everyone. We learned tonight that she is always looking for new ways to do things and improve techniques. Most notable, Kathy especially enjoys helping others learn and share her love of quilt making. She is a prolific teacher, lecturer and quilter, and very versed with the Bernina brand of sewing machines. Her work has been in shows and publications all over the country, and she teaches classes as the biggest shows in the United States (Houston, Paducah, Vermont, Mid-Atlantic). She is one busy lady on the quilting and lecturing scene and was a great teacher tonight as well.

Lastly, any tricks and tips by sewists and quilters, like Kathy, who learned to sew at nine years old by one of her grandmothers, and willing to pass on her knowledge to the rest of us, is simply gracious and fantastic in my book! Bravo, Kathy!



Photos of Kathy and some of her beautiful quilts...with blocks that came together more easily due to Kathy’s math corrections. 

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Quilting Nan said...

Wow, it looks like I missed a really good lecture. I love the picture's you posted.