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Since January 1, 2012, my goal is to write a daily sentence or two (or paragraph or two) about gratitude of the day and to include one photo (at least) that I took that day (but will add others from time to time). It has definitely been a challenge most days throughout the past eight years, and welcomed the challenge again this year - 2020 - Covid and all. I hope you will continue the ride with me!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Early Birthday Celebration

When your birthday falls EVERY year during the middle of Special Love's Camp Fantastic, as in Ryan Tomoff's case, the celebration has to be before or after his "special" day. Believe it or not, he/we have not celebrated on his actual day (16th) in 16 years! But, I do believe it's been celebrated at camp through all these years, first as a camper (ages 7-17); then LIT, and now a full fledged counselor bearing down on 23 years old. Last year his goal was to get to camp following his tongue cancer surgery, and he met that goal solidly. This year, he selected his favorite steakhouse and we could not be more thrilled to see him happy, healed (mostly), and ready to embark to camp in Front Royal, VA.

So a BIG "How-How" to Ryan at camp (he arrived there late this afternoon), and the entire crew (staff) arriving tonight to usher in, prepare and celebrate "the best week of the year" with over 100 childhood cancer thrivers and survivors arriving Sunday. (Yes, it take a couple days to get prepared and ready the 4-H Center). It's really special to see Ryan on the "other side" in being a counselor, as it was really not that long ago he was a camper and equally excited for "this best week" of his life.

To see more about this fabulous camp, check out: specialove.org


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