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Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Girl is Flying Higher

Alicia Keys sings, "This girl is on Fire!", but Misty Cole, fellow quilt guild member and friend, opened her one woman show today on "Flying Solo" and, as the song goes... "This girl is flying higher" for sure! The Flying Solo is on display of Misty's fiber art inspired by the College Park Aviation Museum from today through July 9, 2017. If local, and have never been to the Aviation Museum in Maryland, please swing by and be delighted by, not only Misty's art show, but also some very cool early planes of the last century and beyond that hang in the building. Misty's work and attention to detail of the various planes she depicted captured the spirit of each piece, as in a wing, a propeller, or gas can, from that bygone era of early aviation. Well done, Misty!

But in addition to all her quilts and quilted pieces in the show, I was moved by her intertwining of this art quilt series to her father's pilot's license that he got in 1964; Misty's "interest" in planes with her father taking her and her siblings to various air shows in Louisiana in their youth, then connecting all of this to her two sons today, whose rabid interest in aviation and the aviation museum and all it's offerings is a triple feat!

Click here for more information of this interesting museum: www.collegeparkaviationmuseum.com/


Photos of Misty, her family and with her sister, Lorna

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Terri, I'm goi8ng to have to get over there and see it. Misty is so good.