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Monday, May 24, 2021

Backyard Book Club & Signing for The Focused Fight

Backyard Book Signing 
Even though it was hot at 91 degrees in the neighborhood yesterday (Sunday), there was a breeze coming through at the start of book club this afternoon—featuring the author of The Focused Fight… me! I am thrilled that my neighbor two doors up suggested that “one of our own” would be discussing her book. She was also prepared with delicious food (some of RyGuysBBQ smoked cheeses), along with thoughtful questions plus a bit about post production and self-publishing. The whole book signing party was lovely (I even sold a few copies!).
What I thought was also very kind was that I was available to chat with some folks individually, who then were able to articulate to me how and what the book meant to them. I was touched with their sincerity. Some of the ladies have health challenges now that did not have them when my son/family was going through hell 20 years ago. They were also a large part of the power of community I discussed in the book (though a few thought they did not do enough.)
I will be forever indebted to my neighbors! One even said when she passed my house all those years ago, she would offer up a prayer to me or my son or the family…depending on the day. I was floored! However, those silent prayers offered moved mountains for us time and time again. We would not be standing proudly today without those unscripted efforts of so many.

Angels in my community...and a huge shout out to Mary Kay Carlo for hosting the entire event! Delicious food and camaraderie with our neighbors rounds out this great afternoon. I was over the moon!
Me & Ewa Gorski

Me & Tammy Wates

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