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Monday, December 14, 2020

Babybytes by Libby Jeffrey!

Becoming a brand new mom is difficult in the best of times, but what about having a baby this past year?  Let's face it, no matter where one lives in the world, we are living in daunting and challenging times, right?

One of my "classmates" in the Akimbo's Writing in Community, Libby Jeffrey, "pushed the button" to share with the world her brand spanking new book, Babybytes! Below is the summary on Amazon:

"Babybytes prose and poetry is a hopeful collection of the first nine months of motherhood. Whether it is giving birth during lockdown or forgetting to pack the sunhat, Libby Jeffrey embraces humour and honesty to explore the dramatic identity change of becoming a mom.Jeffrey’s reflective, rhythmic writing is a reminder of how much growth happens for new parents and their newborn. After grounding the book in the birth of her own son, themes of maternal lineage and creativity as an act of hope provides an inspired reminder that new moms have more in common than differences. Babybytes promises to create a feeling of belonging through shared experiences of motherhood, vulnerably told."

I could not be more proud of my classmates the world over shipping their work in the form on a book, either the kindle edition or paper version, and today, Libby gets that distinction! If ordered in the USA, it most likely will be delivered before Christmas - and a great gift for any new mother, heck, any mother!

If interested and willing to support her work, please check out her new book, hot off the press in the link provided here:


BSoleille! The bright side of sharing and celebrating with Libby Jeffrey and her "second" baby this year...her new  book!


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Libs Amok said...

Thank you so much, Terry! Can't wait for you to read it. I am so excited for this book to find its audience. -Libby