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Friday, November 16, 2018

#Celebrating Others with Joe Tsioumas - Auto Mechanic Whiz

It would be great news if our vehicles never needed maintenance...just gasoline. But, as we know, that’s never the case. So finding a trustworthy and fair-priced auto mechanic is as essential as having the right doctor and dentist, perhaps even more. 

So let me introduce you to "the best automotive mechanic" on the East Coast...Joe Tsioumas, who is the Service Manager Technician at The Sunoco Station in Crofton, Maryland, and keeps our vehicles humming along beautifully. 

Joe, 42, revealed to me that he has always loved cars; including racing, track and drag racing and NASCAR, of course. He bought his first brand new car at age 16 (the ink was not even dried on his shiny new drivers license yet) as he drove the 1992 Dodge Stealth off the sales lot. As a matter of fact, he still has it. 

And just like a collector of almost anything, Joe "collects" cars, as one can imagine, and currently owns 10! He said he loves everything about them; the body designs, the power, the handling and the distinctive sounds emitting from each one on the lot. His favorite color for a car: red, but for everything else...silver. There are two cars he would love to own someday, a GTO and a Chevelle. 

Born and raised in Maryland, this unmarried father of two (ages 26 and 24) hails from fairly large Greek and Jordanian families. He has two sisters and one brother, and knows every swear word in Greek and Arabic! Joe claims his family is "exactly" like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", so I take that as loud, fun and boisterous. 

Joe has been at the Sunoco Service Station for over 18 years (also working with mechanic Michael Helms). He said his Dad has been his inspiration due to how much of a hard worker his Dad was when he owned a restaurant, and Joe has parlayed that into operating on cars, trucks and vans!

And lastly, in addition to being a magnificent mechanic, who we trust to give our cars the necessary and best care, Joe’s automobile knowledge and consultation has helped us with the purchase of new and pre-owned cars through the years. As a matter of fact, six years ago he talked us out of trading in one of our cars, "promising" he can keep it running and get it to 300,000 miles...we still have it and it’s running great (no where near 300K...yet, but maybe someday?). 

BSoleille! The bright side of #celebrating others with Joe the Mechanic!


Photo of Joe in his happy place and thank you treats for his service on our vehicles (beer and chocolate chip cookies, it’s what every mechanic needs!). 

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