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Saturday, February 3, 2018

New Owners Class #1

It's pretty sweet when local sewing buddy, Carrie Casto, bought the same exact brand new machine as me so we can travel together for the classes to find out exactly what these machines are really capable of. And from the looks of it starting with the very first class, quite a lot. I believe it can cook, clean plus sew too! What a deal, right? It's a powerful tool, no doubt, and I am thankful for Erma of the Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop who is a walking encyclopedia on practically every machine out there on the market (she can fix repair with the best of them too!), as she wasted zero time in explaining and teaching many of the awesome features these machines have at our fingertips, literally!

There were fourteen strong new sewing machine owners that took this four hour class that flew by like a New York minute. We all tried to hang on as best we could as the information shared with us came fast and furious, but grateful that Erma slowed down enough for us to take notes and ask questions when warranted (several different models among the 14 of us). I believe Carrie and I are inching closer to getting to know our "Judy Sue and Bernie" well. Looking forward to the "advanced" classes in the coming months...

BSoleille! The bright side of "tamping down" on the learning curve a bit with our new machines! (Mary Nielsen, I hope your machine is on its way for you!)


Photos of the class plus me and Carrie before the fire hose of info blasted out of Erma!

Carrie and Terri in class

14 classmates with their machines

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