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Friday, December 6, 2019

The Reality of Late Effects of Cancer...

Last Sunday Ryan was awarded the Volunteer of the Year from Special Love, Inc., and we are very proud and humbled at this wonderful honor bestowed on him by this outstanding organization. What we've also learned through the years is to celebrate each day - we do! (and even the not so good days), but this day was definitely one of the good ones; and I think we can all agree on that for sure.

But as many folks know, cancer survivors are typically supported by several doctors to maintain good health and well-being, and that scenario includes Ryan and his two doctor appointment this past week.

Following the glow of Sunday, Ryan met with his surgeon (Dr. Ord) the very next day (Monday) and his oncologist (Dr. Shad) on Wednesday. I must admit, these appointment bring some trepidation and a wee bit of anxiety in going, and frankly, it really never gets "easier." However,  he/we must go and carry on and hope for the best.

I am/we are here to report that we are VERY THANKFUL for good reports on each visit! Whew! I know the docs felt the same way as we did, and as we left our visit with Dr. Shad, she casually mentioned to us that "this is the reality of a survivor - as the visits ensure all is good continue hand in hand with the day to day activities of life."

BSoleille!  The bright side of taking it "all in stride" and always hope for the best outcomes.


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