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Monday, June 24, 2019

A Grand Rapids Treat - A Frank Lloyd Wright House Restored to Grandeur

After all the festivities of the wedding weekend in Grand Rapids, we had a few hours to kill before heading to the airport. While looking for something else online, we happened to stumble upon a Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) home that was near (enough) where we stayed and decided to take a "looksie."

Since my travel companions nor I have ever entered one of FLW's "masterpieces," it was a win-win destination for the three of us to take in and enjoy. Even better, the tour was FREE, compliments of Steelcase, Inc (manufacturer of office furniture and established as a leader its furniture lines beginning in 1912 in Grand Rapids, MI). Interestingly, FLW "works of art" number about 425, with the majority located in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. He was definitely a genius architect and had his hands in all aspects of his designs and buildings, of course, but he was a master at even the smallest details in ALL aspects of the homes and buildings he built.

The house we visited is called the Meyer-May house, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house located in the Heritage Hill area of Grand Rapids, MI. It was built in 1908-1909 and located at 450 Madison Avenue SE. It's considered a fine example of Wright's Prairie School era, and Michigan's Prairie masterpiece. My favorite part of this particular house are the windows, and the way he designed the glass panels, a lot with color components, that cast the light in beautiful arrays around each room. Stunning design for sure! Our tour started in the house next door by watching a 35 minute film on Mr. May; Mr. Wright and the restoration process by Steelcase, Inc., followed by a 40 minute docent led tour of the home.

I believe we three became instant fans of FLW's works and look forward to visiting a few more along our journeys when time and place permit it! Fallingwater (one of the most famous one of his) is definitely on our "bucket list(s)!"

BSoleille! The bright side of a new adventure in visiting a Frank Lloyd designed home!


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