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Monday, April 15, 2019

Maryland's Top 100 Women with Dr. Aziza Shad

We are thankful for a night of celebrating others with The Daily Record and their selections of the Top 100 Women in Maryland, of which Dr. Aziza Shad was one of their 100 in 2019. This event was created to recognize outstanding women leaders in their respective fields, plus their community service and commitment to mentoring. It was an honor for my husband and me to celebrate this milestone with Dr. Shad, her husband, Tahir, Julie Broas, Debbie Amey and her son, Kyle, and staff of LifeBridge Health.

As we know, women have come a long way in establishing themselves in business, education, law and medicine. In addition, what we have all collectively learned through the years is that it's really the small incremental steps each woman takes to just "show up," and in effect, inspire, lead, fail (yes, fail too), and mentor others to help shape ourselves, our sons and daughters, and our communities (and while I am at it, our states and our nations) at large.

This particular program was designed to shine a spotlight in leadership roles and to help more women achieve top positions in their professional endeavors. I think the "class" of 2019 did just that, and we could not be more proud of Dr. Aziza Shad as one of the recipients of this prestigious award. BRAVO! (It should be noted that apparently over 520 women were nominated for this statewide honor, the largest number in the history of the program.)

BSoleille! The bright side of Maryland's Top 100 Women....with Aziza Shad, M.D.

First photo of Tahir and Aziza Shad

Dr. Shad in top left corner

Debbie and Kyle Amey; Julie Broas; Tahir And Aziza, me, Bill and Mary Jane

With the "rock star"

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