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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter 2019!

Here's wishing a Happy Easter for all who celebrate the Risen Christ. Today, I am thankful to have spent the morning with my Mom in her nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, in one of the nicest Easter services I've ever been to. The woman who led the service, Gina Dias, also brought along her Great Pyrenees "puppy", as well as her dog groomer's dog, Luce (short for Lucifer), a miniature Schnauzer, and they worked the "crowd" giving kisses and getting petted by the residents.

The bible readings, coupled with the song choices (Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art - my favorites) were poignant for the day, and for the roomful of elderly women struggling with their memories, including my Mom. Interestingly, once the a cappella voices chimed in, it was simply  beautiful, and the collective "memories" remembered every word of every song. It was so apparent that music is definitely deep in the recesses of our brains, including words not spoken in years...

A big shout of Thanks to my sister Kimberly and her husband Jerry and family in hosting me for a few days while I visited our Mom, and hosting an Easter luncheon.

Photos from this morning's Easter service and the Nolan side of the family!



Kimberly, Jerry, Nathan, Justin and Brandon Kocan

Dylan, Annette and Zachary Pejeau

The Three Sisters

Our Mom and daughters
Sophie, Miko and Gina

My Mom and Luci 

Gina Dias with Miko

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