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Friday, February 22, 2019

#CelebratingOthers with Clarice Lin of London, England

So how do people around the world get to know each other fairly well without ever meeting IRL (in real life)? It's the animal that is called social media and its plethora of platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, Instagram and many others breaking out each day...well there are 7 billion people, right?)

For this incredible meet-up with Clarice, I've got to hand it to my husband, Bill, who is constantly working the social media platforms to bring education, goodness and kindness to a whole new level. You see, Bill and Clarice met on LinkedIn a few years ago. They were liking and sharing the same things, and finally "met" through the LinkedIn platform. They encouraged each other in their individual endeavors, read the same books on social strategies, and both love to encourage others to be the "best they can be." A social media "mesh" made in heaven, if you will.

Once our trip to London was underway, Bill reached out to Clarice (she has lived in London for the past nine years); and offered to meet up for breakfast...or any meal that she may be available while we were there, sans the soccer games on the agenda. We finally settled on a date, and Bill, "The Best Daughter" and I met at, believe it or not, "Breakfast at Bill's Restaurant." We settled in on a very cold morning for an English breakfast, and lots of fast talking (and listening) by Bill and Clarice meeting IRL. Clarice was even up for a Twinztalk episode (I videotaped it); as well as videoing one for her too - on her phone). It was tech savvy times a million and the conversation pinged around the table at lightning speed. Thankfully, everyone was able to share some keen knowledge and learn from each other too.

Interestingly enough, Clarice was born (in 1982) and raised in Singapore when Singapore was advancing their educational system and therefore learned all her subjects in English. Her "mother tongue" is Mandarin Chinese, and she speaks two other languages fluently (that's four, folks!). She is one smart young lady, raised by traditional parents and two younger brothers (they all still live in Singapore), and has a tremendous thirst for knowledge, marketing strategies and data mining. This is  due to her 10 year career in corporate doing data analysis, intelligence and marketing research.

This blue and hot pink loving gal founded her own company: www.baselinelabs.com three years ago where she helps clients with their data, marketing techniques and social growth no matter the size of the company she is working with. Additionally, she is energized by all the available technology to help advance any business she touches, and this is exactly what  this very independent woman is: a business entrepreneur explorer! No task is too big or too small or too complicated for Clarice. She loves solving marketing challenges for all!

As one would think, she is working all the time (have computer (or smartphone) and there you have it: work). When I inquired if she ever has down time, she giggled and revealed that she loves to read, run, and watch TV when she gets the chance. Whew!

You can find Clarice on many social media platforms: Facebook: @claricecoach; on Twitter: @BaseLineLabs.com and LinkedIn: Clarice Lin

Lastly, I am so thankful we were able to make that special morning happen on our recent trip. Clarice was fantastic in giving some mentoring advice to Olivia, even in that short time; and meeting Bill and exchanging all their social media love and kindness to go out into the world and keep sharing their unique brand(s).

BSoleille! The bright side of #CelebratingOthers with Clarice Lin!

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