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Monday, October 17, 2016

She Did It!

NOTE: This blogpost was posted yesterday, October 16, 2016. I somehow deleted it by mistake, and there is no going back to retrieve it! But....lo and behold, tech guru Bill had saved it in another forum and was able to send it to me to re-post! #SoThankful!

A whirlwind weekend in Columbus, Ohio, culminated in a very early wake up call to get everyone up and ready to cheer on "our" first time marathoner: "The Best Daughter!" Mild temperatures and sunny skies lent for a good race (maybe borderline 'hot' for some), that covered 26.2 miles in a time of 3:42:38 for Olivia, and her fearless coach and running partner, Mark Misencik of Amherst, Ohio. The frenzy of the weekend activities and general good spirits around so many athletes embarking on either a first or 29th marathon (and half marathon too), makes one get into the spirit as well, maybe even thinking a marathon is in their future!?

And do not think being a cheerleader is easy work. Our cheer leading squad was comprised of Linda Misencik (wife of Mark); Don Tomoff, plus Bill, Ryan, and myself. Linda and I covered close to 11 miles while cheering on our runners (7 of those miles running from mile marker to mile marker), and at various points on the course. We not only cheered for our folks, but hundreds of the brave souls that set out to cover the distance. (It's easy to cheer on the runners who had their names on their race numbers/bib). Their faces light up when you called their name, and if not too tired, even smiled or gave the thumbs up in appreciation. So a big hearty Congratulations is in order for Olivia Tomoff and Mark Misencik! May the aches and pains stay at bay and you both are back in the saddle with an easy run soon!

BSoleille! The bright side of finishing your first marathon! And, the bright side of being a proud mama!

Photos from this epic day:

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